The things I don’t miss about Christianity.

I shouldn’t have to do a front explanation for this, since the title should be pretty self-explanatory. But I will begin by saying that I’m not angry at Christianity, nor do I hold a grudge against it (for the most part). I have simply found that I don’t believe that much of what Christianity has to say to be true anymore, just like Santa Claus. Religion isn’t all bad, in fact I have written before on the things I liked about Christianity.

OK now that’s all out of the way, here are the things I don’t miss:

  • Getting up on a Sunday morning for church. It really conflicted with the Saturday night social life, especially when I was a student. Also most churches seem bland and boring when you don’t believe in God anymore.
  • Trying to figure out ridiculous or contradictory things. For example, the lineage in the Book of Kings, almost anything within the first few chapters of Genesis, seemingly contradictory accounts in the Gospels, am I saved or not? What on earth the books of Revelation and Ezekial are supposed to be about, the list goes on…
  • Being told who and how you should date.
  • Not having sex outside of marriage.
  • Being criticised for not believing in the same thing about something as someone else. For example, whether or not women should preach.
  • Tiring Bible studies.
  • Long prayer sessions.
  • Going to Bible conferences (it’s like 3 days of just church services).
  • Being guilt tripped to speak to others about Jesus.
  • The fear of Hell.
  • Feeling guilty because you haven’t done enough for Christ.
  • Waiting for Jesus to come back. Gummon it’s been 2000 years now! Oh wait, I’ve worked it out. If one day to the Lord is 1000 years to us, maybe he will come back in 3 days, which is 3000 years for us, or another 1000 years from now? I should write a book about it and put billboards up everywhere.
  • The previous point was sarcasm, in case you missed it. Let’s not get triggered here.

This list could go on and on, but I am sure you get the gist of it. These reasons remind me why I am much happier not being a Christian anymore, and that I am free from the burdens it has placed on me. – The Covert Atheist.

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