Shen Yun: Religious Propaganda?

Not too long ago, a nice lady Helen started at my workplace. She seemed quite shy. She didn’t hang out with many people here, but I managed to become friends with her and I would sometimes chat with her during morning tea. I noticed that Helen would often sit by herself, cross legged, and do […]

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Flowers of Samoa

I went to Samoa, a south pacific tropical country, in mid-January. My intention was to have fun and to relax, both of which I did very well. But while I was there, there were so many beautiful colorful flowers which caught my eye, I just couldn’t resist taking some photos of them. Check them out! […]

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Bigotry is still alive and well.

Yesterday I was browsing through my Facebook feed, when a post from a friend of mine caught my eye. They were asking for signatures to a petition, which was titled: ‘Stop transgender teaching in New Zealand‘. Now I don’t know how things work in your country, but the idea of these petitions is to get […]

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Where have I been?

Those who read my blog regularly will notice I haven’t posted for a while. The reason being, I went away on a long four week holiday. The first week and a half was spent catching up with friends and family in a nice coastal city called Tauranga. I then spent another two weeks in Samoa […]

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What on earth???

Before doing what I do now, I studied a science degree, majoring in earth sciences, up to Masters level. I have always felt that what I learnt during my time at university strongly contributed to my disbelief in the Christian God, although it certainly wasn’t the whole picture. How did it do so? Well, for […]

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