Am I angry at Christianity?

When a person deconverts after spending their whole lives invested in Christianity, it is normal for them to experience a wide range of emotions. It is quite common for ex-Christians to feel angry and betrayed, and they will experience this in a way not normally seen by those who were never religious. In other words, […]

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Face your doubts.

During the last few years of my ‘Christian life’, I started to accumulate a lot of doubts. These doubts ranged from the veracity of many of the events in the Bible, to the existence of God himself. Any attempts to sooth my doubts were met with either unsatisfactory explanations or explained away. So what did […]

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I am no longer Covert.

I first started blogging back in April 2017. Back then, I was outwardly Christian, and I regularly attended church. The problem was, I no longer believed in the religion which I once embraced; I hadn’t believed in it for years. In fact, I decided I no longer wanted to be a part of it all […]

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Can I pray for you?

What is your reaction when someone offers to pray for you? Do you politely accept their offer? Do you refuse? Do you get offended? I ask this because recently I got put on the spot like this, from a couple of my Christian friends. The setting in question. Recently I caught up with an old […]

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Stop fornicating y’all!

So I was looking through my phones pictures when *bing* this photo appeared out of nowhere. Hear that, guys? A message, to my phone, from God (presumably), who wills that we don’t fornicate. I didn’t download this picture, nor did I take it. So how did it get there? And what exactly is fornication? Also, […]

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Christianity and alcohol.

During the last few years in New Zealand, a craft beer scene really exploded. In case you’re unaware, craft beers are beverages made from small, localised micro-breweries, as opposed to your normal breweries that dominate the market. Craft beers tend to be more flavorsome and experimental than your average ‘run of the mill’ beers you’d […]

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