Caught by the Dawn.

Also known as Mount Maunganui, Mauao is an extinct volcanic cone in Tauranga. It is well known as a sacred site for local Maori, where it plays a role in their mythology. Nowadays, it is also a popular walking spot, with gorgeous views of the harbour and beyond. I have lost count of the number […]

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My first race for 2019.

As part of my training for my half marathon, I thought I’d take part in a smaller 10 km run, as a build up to it. This run was called the Mt Runners and Walkers Half Marathon, but it had 10 km and 5 km options as well. I arrived early on a Sunday winters […]

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Where have I been?

Those who read my blog regularly will notice I haven’t posted for a while. The reason being, I went away on a long four week holiday. The first week and a half was spent catching up with friends and family in a nice coastal city called Tauranga. I then spent another two weeks in Samoa […]

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