What on earth???

Before doing what I do now, I studied a science degree, majoring in earth sciences, up to Masters level. I have always felt that what I learnt during my time at university strongly contributed to my disbelief in the Christian God, although it certainly wasn’t the whole picture. How did it do so? Well, for […]

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The turning point

I’ve talked a bit about my previous Christian life on here, and I have explained theĀ  reasons why I no longer believe. But how did I get from being a Bible believing Christian who didn’t have a doubt in the existence and sovereignty of God, to the atheist that I am now? Here I will […]

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Is there a God out there?

When I was decided I didn’t believe in the Christian God, I flirted with being an agnostic theist for a while. That is, I believed there was a God out there somewhere who created everything, but couldn’t be known. Perhaps it was because I believed in a God for as long as I can remember, […]

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