Dear Christians…

Recently I have had a bunch of Christians (and people from some other religions) come and visit my blog. Some of them want to discuss religion with me, in the hopes that myself (or people reading) might change their minds, while others came here looking for a fight. To some extent, this is to be […]

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Bigotry is still alive and well.

Yesterday I was browsing through my Facebook feed, when a post from a friend of mine caught my eye. They were asking for signatures to a petition, which was titled: ‘Stop transgender teaching in New Zealand‘. Now I don’t know how things work in your country, but the idea of these petitions is to get […]

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I atTRACT Christian tracts.

The other day I was walking to my old uni gym when abracadabra! A guy appeared out of nowhere offering me a piece of paper. I can’t remember his name so let’s call him Samson shall we? Samson: May I offer you a tract? I take the tract, thinking I can be on my way… […]

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