What on earth???

There is a lot of misinformation out there on the web, and a lot of morons out there who say stupid stuff. Every now and then, I get a chuckle out of it, but this? This was something special. I just couldn’t wait to share it all with you, but I had to… I was […]

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This gave me a little laugh today.

I was reading the news this morning when I came across an interesting Instagram post from the New Conservative party. In the (most likely) case you haven’t heard of them, they’re a conservative Christian party down here in New Zealand. They’re everything you would imagine a conservative Christian party to be. Anti-abortion? Check. Anti-euthanasia? Check. […]

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It’s election time!

People around the world are focused on the upcoming US election, and for good reason. But in two weeks’ time we have our own election coming up, and I already know who I’m voting for! This time around, things are a little different though. Alongside the usual party vote options, there are two referendums which […]

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I got tested for Covid-19.

Like many countries around the world, we are in lockdown in New Zealand. That means everything is closed except for workplaces classed as ‘essential services’. Being involved in food safety testing, I still must work though, and I don’t have the luxury to work at home. Recently though, I started to get ‘cold like’ symptoms. […]

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Going into lock down.

Ah so much has changed in the space of only ten days in New Zealand. Ten days ago we only had 6 cases of Coronavirus, and they were all linked to overseas travel. Back then, the government implemented bans on large public gatherings greater than 500 people. The idea that we should go into lockdown […]

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Discovering the Spring of Youth.

Nestled in the heart of the Waikato Region is a secret known only to a select few for hundreds of years. A pristine source of life for many, beautiful and protected against man’s desire for material advancement; I bring you the Blue Spring. What is the Blue Spring? The Waihou River is entirely spring fed, […]

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Love is bigger than hate.

Yesterday, me and a friend went and saw this movie Hotel Mumbai. Hotel Mumbai is a thriller film based on real life events, where some indoctrinated terrorists shoot up a train station and hotel (among other places). Both my friend and I had seen plenty of action movies, but this was something different. Hotel Mumbai […]

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Up and Over the Hill We Go!

Last weekend, me and some mates went for a walk over the Kaimai Ranges. These mountain ranges are significant as they separate the Bay of Plenty region, which was where I grew up, and the Waikato region, which is where I live now. Our plan was to hike up the Kaimais and stay the night […]

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