The Jesus Simulator: Coming Soon.

Video game simulators are really popular for some reason. You can build your own cities, fly aeroplanes, and even experience being a bus driver!. But alas, one idea hadn’t been covered yet. One idea to trump them all; a video game which would surely be groundbreaking and needed in today’s dark uncertain times. What idea […]

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The Great Sacrifice.

A few weeks ago it was Easter, normally a time of celebration for Christians, and a time to enjoy some extra days off work for almost everyone else. Where did you go this Easter? Nowhere? Ha! Me too. Well, unless you’re in a country which doesn’t have Covid-19 right now, then good for you. When […]

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Play the Jesus simulator.

Forget about WWJD (what would Jesus do?); WWYD (what would YOU do) … if you were Jesus? One of my Christian relatives just shared a post about an upcoming Christian themed video game, titled ‘I am Jesus Christ’. As someone who was formerly Christian, and likes video games, I couldn’t resist checking out the trailer. […]

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Was Jesus a real person? Part Two.

In my ‘Historical Jesus’ series, I am looking at the historical evidence for Jesus. Was Jesus a real person? If so, what was he really like? In my last post, I discussed the Biblical evidence offered for Jesus, as well as briefly covering the archaeological evidence for Jesus. If this interests you, read part one […]

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Was Jesus a real person?

As an atheist, it’s a given that I don’t believe Jesus died and rose again, let alone that he is the son of God. It would be easy to assume that Jesus was just some wise Hebrew teacher who got crucified because he went against the status quo, and that everything else was either made […]

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I met Jesus’s mother.

I was driving down the road, thinking about life as you do, when it all started to come flooding back. You know, I considered myself an atheist. I don’t believe in a God. I’m not sure if Jesus was a real person, let alone the son of God. Yet something happened recently which challenged those […]

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A few laughs for the weekend.

The other day I was browsing through my Facebook feed, when I saw a post that Larry*, a Christian friend of mine shared: Now this photo isn’t particularly funny, but after looking at it, I wanted to see where he had shared it from. It led me to a page by the name of Chris […]

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