Tongariro: A volcanic wonderland.

Situated in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island is a volcanic wasteland that is equal parts menacing yet beautiful at the same time. This otherworldly martian landscape is calling to be explored, for the rewards are great, yet they come at a cost, and any explorer must know the risks of going there. The […]

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A pinnacle of hiking.

The Pinnacles Track. Also known as the Kauaeranga Kauri trail, this is a walk which anyone on the North Island of New Zealand should do. Located in the Kauaeranga Valley in the Coromandel, it involves following a historic pack horse route used by Kauri bushmen in the 1920’s. Not only do you follow this route, […]

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Happy Birthday to my blog!

Guess what? Today marks one year from when I first started this blog. Apart from my Welcome Page, here is my first article I wrote. It’s a fairly brief overview on how I ended up leaving the religion I grew up in. Since then, I have fleshed out my story into three parts which I […]

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Scaling Mount Te Aroha.

Hiking is a favourite hobby of mine. There’s nothing better than wading through nature away from civilization with some good buddies. Since this year I have been planning to write about some of the coolest hikes and adventures I have done, today this will be on Mount Te Aroha, which I have hiked up a […]

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Hiking away the pain.

Just this last weekend I caught up with a bunch of friends who I used to go to school with. One of my friends had just gone through a breakup like myself, so it was good to have some bonding time with him. We didn’t spend the whole weekend dwelling over breakups though, instead we […]

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