A good Wellington hike to do.

I have been living in Wellington for nearly 6 months now, yet I haven’t written about any of my hiking adventures. How shocking! Rest assured; I have done plenty of walking since then. It’s time to change that. At 468 metres, Colonial Knob is one of the highest hills in Wellington. It offers gorgeous views […]

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Changes Ahead.

Some of you may notice that I haven’t been too active on WordPress lately. I haven’t stopped wanting to write, I have just had a lot more going on in my life recently. My previous job made me redundant, but I have since started a new one, and I am still settling in a new […]

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Caught by the Dawn.

Also known as Mount Maunganui, Mauao is an extinct volcanic cone in Tauranga. It is well known as a sacred site for local Maori, where it plays a role in their mythology. Nowadays, it is also a popular walking spot, with gorgeous views of the harbour and beyond. I have lost count of the number […]

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Discovering the Spring of Youth.

Nestled in the heart of the Waikato Region is a secret known only to a select few for hundreds of years. A pristine source of life for many, beautiful and protected against man’s desire for material advancement; I bring you the Blue Spring. What is the Blue Spring? The Waihou River is entirely spring fed, […]

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Three days until the big day.

So it is just three days until my 21km trail run! Here is a summary of my training last week: Monday: 10km run. Tuesday: 30 minute walk. Wednesday: 12km run. Thursday: 7km run. Friday: 13km trail run. Saturday: Tokorangi Pa Trail Walk (11.5 km). Sunday: Rest. So that’s a lot of running and walking! Things […]

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Kings Canyon: Lost in Time.

A few years ago, I went to the Northern Territory of Australia, and did a tour through the Aussie Outback. You can read more about this tour I did here. Given my love of hiking, and my recent love of travel, I thought it would be wrong to not write about this awesome place I […]

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My Recent Training.

Running is a hobby which I have a love/hate relationship with. The last few months I have been getting back into it again. I wanted to get my fitness back up again, so I have decided to train for a half marathon. But this isn’t any half marathon, it’s a trail run, in the Redwood […]

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Visiting Uluru: My Experience.

Also known as Ayers Rock, Uluru is a massive sandstone formation and a national Australian icon. Uluru is in the desert centre of Australia, but in 2016 I had an opportunity to get up close to this amazing rock and walk around its circumference. So what led me here? In September of 2016, I did […]

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Up and Over the Hill We Go!

Last weekend, me and some mates went for a walk over the Kaimai Ranges. These mountain ranges are significant as they separate the Bay of Plenty region, which was where I grew up, and the Waikato region, which is where I live now. Our plan was to hike up the Kaimais and stay the night […]

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