Face your doubts.

During the last few years of my ‘Christian life’, I started to accumulate a lot of doubts. These doubts ranged from the veracity of many of the events in the Bible, to the existence of God himself. Any attempts to sooth my doubts were met with either unsatisfactory explanations or explained away. So what did […]

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The Great Sacrifice.

A few weeks ago it was Easter, normally a time of celebration for Christians, and a time to enjoy some extra days off work for almost everyone else. Where did you go this Easter? Nowhere? Ha! Me too. Well, unless you’re in a country which doesn’t have Covid-19 right now, then good for you. When […]

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Is it possible to fool God?

The Christian God is meant to know everything, to see inside our ‘inner most thoughts and hearts’. It would stand to reason then, that one shouldn’t be able to trick God. Yet in the Old Testament of the Bible, people did just that. Enter the story of Jacob and Esau. Jacob and Esau are sons […]

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My New Blog Name and Backstory.

Recently I changed my blog name to The Liberated Atheist. I have yet to properly change my blog’s address. Apparently it’s an easy thing to do, but I must do it without losing my followers or having all of my links being broken. If you have managed to change your WordPress blog without having any […]

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I met Jesus’s mother.

I was driving down the road, thinking about life as you do, when it all started to come flooding back. You know, I considered myself an atheist. I don’t believe in a God. I’m not sure if Jesus was a real person, let alone the son of God. Yet something happened recently which challenged those […]

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Atheism Vs Agnosticism.

There is a lot of confusion around as to what atheists and agnostics believe, and this confusion comes from both religious people and non-religious alike. So I thought I’d come up with this handy guide which explains both belief systems. Atheism and Theism. These beliefs are concerned with whether or not a God exists. Atheism […]

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In the Garden of Eden Baby!

Imagine this: A parent has a three year old child, and takes them to a swimming pool. At this age, they’re pretty naive, and they almost certainly can’t swim. The parent tells their child: “do not go into the water, otherwise you will drown”. Said parent then leaves their toddler alone at the edge of […]

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