I am no longer Covert.

I first started blogging back in April 2017. Back then, I was outwardly Christian, and I regularly attended church. The problem was, I no longer believed in the religion which I once embraced; I hadn’t believed in it for years. In fact, I decided I no longer wanted to be a part of it all […]

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Where have I been?

Those who read my blog regularly will notice I haven’t posted for a while. The reason being, I went away on a long four week holiday. The first week and a half was spent catching up with friends and family in a nice coastal city called Tauranga. I then spent another two weeks in Samoa […]

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Since coming out…

So a couple of months ago, I came out to one of my Christian friends Stephen, as in, I told him I wasn’t Christian anymore. Before that, pretty much nobody in my Christian circle knew that. I was a closeted atheist. You can read about that intense exchange here, if you’re curious as to how […]

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