Play the Jesus simulator.

Forget about WWJD (what would Jesus do?); WWYD (what would YOU do) … if you were Jesus? One of my Christian relatives just shared a post about an upcoming Christian themed video game, titled ‘I am Jesus Christ’. As someone who was formerly Christian, and likes video games, I couldn’t resist checking out the trailer. […]

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I am no longer Covert.

I first started blogging back in April 2017. Back then, I was outwardly Christian, and I regularly attended church. The problem was, I no longer believed in the religion which I once embraced; I hadn’t believed in it for years. In fact, I decided I no longer wanted to be a part of it all […]

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Can I pray for you?

What is your reaction when someone offers to pray for you? Do you politely accept their offer? Do you refuse? Do you get offended? I ask this because recently I got put on the spot like this, from a couple of my Christian friends. The setting in question. Recently I caught up with an old […]

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Introducing Jesus on the train.

So I was reading through some of my favourite blogs, when I came across this public evangelism video. In the video, a guy who goes by the name Phillip Blair, starts loudly preaching at commuters on a train in Sydney. Phillip tastefully starts his sermon with lines like “We care about saving the whales more […]

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Was Jesus a real person? Part Two.

In my ‘Historical Jesus’ series, I am looking at the historical evidence for Jesus. Was Jesus a real person? If so, what was he really like? In my last post, I discussed the Biblical evidence offered for Jesus, as well as briefly covering the archaeological evidence for Jesus. If this interests you, read part one […]

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Was Jesus a real person?

As an atheist, it’s a given that I don’t believe Jesus died and rose again, let alone that he is the son of God. It would be easy to assume that Jesus was just some wise Hebrew teacher who got crucified because he went against the status quo, and that everything else was either made […]

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