Can I pray for you?

What is your reaction when someone offers to pray for you? Do you politely accept their offer? Do you refuse? Do you get offended? I ask this because recently I got put on the spot like this, from a couple of my Christian friends. The setting in question. Recently I caught up with an old […]

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Introducing Jesus on the train.

So I was reading through some of my favourite blogs, when I came across this public evangelism video. In the video, a guy who goes by the name Phillip Blair, starts loudly preaching at commuters on a train in Sydney. Phillip tastefully starts his sermon with lines like “We care about saving the whales more […]

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I met Jesus’s mother.

I was driving down the road, thinking about life as you do, when it all started to come flooding back. You know, I considered myself an atheist. I don’t believe in a God. I’m not sure if Jesus was a real person, let alone the son of God. Yet something happened recently which challenged those […]

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Atheism Vs Agnosticism.

There is a lot of confusion around as to what atheists and agnostics believe, and this confusion comes from both religious people and non-religious alike. So I thought I’d come up with this handy guide which explains both belief systems. Atheism and Theism. These beliefs are concerned with whether or not a God exists. Atheism […]

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Where have I been?

Those who read my blog regularly will notice I haven’t posted for a while. The reason being, I went away on a long four week holiday. The first week and a half was spent catching up with friends and family in a nice coastal city called Tauranga. I then spent another two weeks in Samoa […]

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Since coming out…

So a couple of months ago, I came out to one of my Christian friends Stephen, as in, I told him I wasn’t Christian anymore. Before that, pretty much nobody in my Christian circle knew that. I was a closeted atheist. You can read about that intense exchange here, if you’re curious as to how […]

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Stop fornicating y’all!

So I was looking through my phones pictures when *bing* this photo appeared out of nowhere. Hear that, guys? A message, to my phone, from God (presumably), who wills that we don’t fornicate. I didn’t download this picture, nor did I take it. So how did it get there? And what exactly is fornication? Also, […]

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