Face your doubts.

During the last few years of my ‘Christian life’, I started to accumulate a lot of doubts. These doubts ranged from the veracity of many of the events in the Bible, to the existence of God himself. Any attempts to sooth my doubts were met with either unsatisfactory explanations or explained away. So what did […]

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Atheism Vs Agnosticism.

There is a lot of confusion around as to what atheists and agnostics believe, and this confusion comes from both religious people and non-religious alike. So I thought I’d come up with this handy guide which explains both belief systems. Atheism and Theism. These beliefs are concerned with whether or not a God exists. Atheism […]

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The turning point

I’ve talked a bit about my previous Christian life on here, and I have explained the  reasons why I no longer believe. But how did I get from being a Bible believing Christian who didn’t have a doubt in the existence and sovereignty of God, to the atheist that I am now? Here I will […]

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