Your body your choice?

Recently I noticed that a few of my Christian friends had put pictures of babies on their Facebook profiles, with the caption ‘Both Lives Matter’. The implication being, of course, that to have an abortion was on par with killing your child. What was the deal with all this? As it turns out, an act […]

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Introducing Jesus on the train.

So I was reading through some of my favourite blogs, when I came across this public evangelism video. In the video, a guy who goes by the name Phillip Blair, starts loudly preaching at commuters on a train in Sydney. Phillip tastefully starts his sermon with lines like “We care about saving the whales more […]

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I met Jesus’s mother.

I was driving down the road, thinking about life as you do, when it all started to come flooding back. You know, I considered myself an atheist. I don’t believe in a God. I’m not sure if Jesus was a real person, let alone the son of God. Yet something happened recently which challenged those […]

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