This gave me a little laugh today.

I was reading the news this morning when I came across an interesting Instagram post from the New Conservative party. In the (most likely) case you haven’t heard of them, they’re a conservative Christian party down here in New Zealand. They’re everything you would imagine a conservative Christian party to be. Anti-abortion? Check. Anti-euthanasia? Check. […]

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Freedom of speech and hate speech.

Like many New Zealanders, I like to watch my rugby. It is often called our national sport after all. Recently there has been a fair amount of press regarding an Australian rugby union player Israel (Izzy) Folau. On his Instagram, he posted a Bible verse and cartoon depicting ‘God’s plan’. When someone asked him about God’s […]

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I am tired of this bigotry!

The other day I went to this hot air balloon festival with a Christian friend. It was reasonably enjoyable, but that’s not what this post is about. I went back to their house for a cup of tea afterwards, having a chat as you do, and the conversation somehow steered towards this transsexual person which […]

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Pray the Gay Away?

On Facebook recently, you probably noticed they have a ‘pride’ reaction, in addition to the other standard ‘wow’ and ‘love’ reactions etc. It didn’t take me much investigating to realise that it was LGBT Pride Month. Many non-Christians don’t understand why Christians treat gay people with disdain and see them in a negative light. After […]

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