My Top 10 Music Albums.

Another fun thing I thought to do was to list my top 10 music albums. Be warned, this will be showing my age (or lack thereof, depending on how old you are…). The Essential Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson). In my first year of uni I picked this up for a cheap $13 at a retail […]

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I got tested for Covid-19.

Like many countries around the world, we are in lockdown in New Zealand. That means everything is closed except for workplaces classed as ‘essential services’. Being involved in food safety testing, I still must work though, and I don’t have the luxury to work at home. Recently though, I started to get ‘cold like’ symptoms. […]

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Going into lock down.

Ah so much has changed in the space of only ten days in New Zealand. Ten days ago we only had 6 cases of Coronavirus, and they were all linked to overseas travel. Back then, the government implemented bans on large public gatherings greater than 500 people. The idea that we should go into lockdown […]

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Dear Christians…

Recently I have had a bunch of Christians (and people from some other religions) come and visit my blog. Some of them want to discuss religion with me, in the hopes that myself (or people reading) might change their minds, while others came here looking for a fight. To some extent, this is to be […]

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My New Blog Name and Backstory.

Recently I changed my blog name to The Liberated Atheist. I have yet to properly change my blog’s address. Apparently it’s an easy thing to do, but I must do it without losing my followers or having all of my links being broken. If you have managed to change your WordPress blog without having any […]

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I am no longer Covert.

I first started blogging back in April 2017. Back then, I was outwardly Christian, and I regularly attended church. The problem was, I no longer believed in the religion which I once embraced; I hadn’t believed in it for years. In fact, I decided I no longer wanted to be a part of it all […]

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Where have I been?

Those who read my blog regularly will notice I haven’t posted for a while. The reason being, I went away on a long four week holiday. The first week and a half was spent catching up with friends and family in a nice coastal city called Tauranga. I then spent another two weeks in Samoa […]

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