My Top 10 Music Albums.

Another fun thing I thought to do was to list my top 10 music albums. Be warned, this will be showing my age (or lack thereof, depending on how old you are…). The Essential Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson). In my first year of uni I picked this up for a cheap $13 at a retail […]

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My Top 10 Video Games.

I do not discuss my hobbies on here often, except for my hiking adventures from time to time. But with all the negativity going on in the world right now, I thought I would do something different. One of my favourite hobbies, since I was a young one, was playing video games. I still play […]

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The Great Sacrifice.

A few weeks ago it was Easter, normally a time of celebration for Christians, and a time to enjoy some extra days off work for almost everyone else. Where did you go this Easter? Nowhere? Ha! Me too. Well, unless you’re in a country which doesn’t have Covid-19 right now, then good for you. When […]

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Is it possible to fool God?

The Christian God is meant to know everything, to see inside our ‘inner most thoughts and hearts’. It would stand to reason then, that one shouldn’t be able to trick God. Yet in the Old Testament of the Bible, people did just that. Enter the story of Jacob and Esau. Jacob and Esau are sons […]

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A good Wellington hike to do.

I have been living in Wellington for nearly 6 months now, yet I haven’t written about any of my hiking adventures. How shocking! Rest assured; I have done plenty of walking since then. It’s time to change that. At 468 metres, Colonial Knob is one of the highest hills in Wellington. It offers gorgeous views […]

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I got tested for Covid-19.

Like many countries around the world, we are in lockdown in New Zealand. That means everything is closed except for workplaces classed as ‘essential services’. Being involved in food safety testing, I still must work though, and I don’t have the luxury to work at home. Recently though, I started to get ‘cold like’ symptoms. […]

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