Catching up with an ex-Christian friend

Almost three years ago I caught up with a Christian friend, Lance. What started as friendly pub chat turned intense when I told him I don’t believe in God anymore. You can read more about that here. At the end of our catchup he said he wanted to meet up with me again.

Almost three years later we DID agree to meet up again. We talked about our recent life changes, girls and disdain for Christianity.

Wait what?

OK let’s back up a bit. About a year ago, I heard that this friend had written an email to his church leaders telling them he wasn’t coming back. I was also told that Lance ‘didn’t want to talk about it’, so I was unsure if I should say anything, or if Lance had even left Christianity. Despite our last awkward encounter, I was really curious and wanted to meet up with him again. He seemed like someone who was in the same boat I formerly was.

So I messaged Lance and he happily agreed to meet up. Straight off the bat he told me that in the last two years things had changed significantly for him, mainly that he was an agnostic now. He also apologized for how he acted to me last time, saying ‘he had no right to tell me what I should believe’. I happily accepted his apology, it’s not an easy thing to do and I respect him for his courage.

I was curious though, what caused the sharp turnaround? At first he told me he was getting ‘too intense’ and that he needed to dial things down. Also, he got into science and realised how incompatible it was with the Bible. I won’t go into any other details but that’s the gist of it.

So after all that, I welcomed him to the dark side, and we enjoyed our meals and time together. I was happy to see him like this and he was happy to have someone to talk to about these issues. Looking forward to seeing you again Lance, enjoy your newfound freedom 😀.

2 thoughts on “Catching up with an ex-Christian friend

  1. The intense-ness of the creeds and expectations similarly affected me 40 years ago. I also left. Then 9 years ago a traumatic event drove me to my knees, and I saw the Light. I realized, ‘Hey, this is a Person, this is a relationship!’ Mind you, I still drift when my focus shifts to me instead of Christ. He’s my light.


    1. Cool story, I’ve heard it all before. Being honest with myself is what lead me to leave Christianity actually, seeking the truth regardless of where it leads instead of make believe.


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