The Jesus Simulator: Coming Soon.

Video game simulators are really popular for some reason. You can build your own cities, fly aeroplanes, and even experience being a bus driver!. But alas, one idea hadn’t been covered yet. One idea to trump them all; a video game which would surely be groundbreaking and needed in today’s dark uncertain times. What idea am I referring to exactly? A video game where you can play as Jesus!

Eleven months ago, a trailer appeared on YouTube for the game I am Jesus Christ. Here you can experience what it’s like to be Jesus apparently, at least according to some dude who made the game. I wrote about it at the time, because it seemed so silly, and it also intrigued me as an ex Christian. Who would make such a video game like this? Is this actually going to be a real game? Ten months was a long time ago though; the game still hasn’t been released and there is little information to go on other than the trailer.

But wait, all is not lost. Online magazine GameInformer interviewed Maksym who is the CEO of SimulaM, which is developing the game. While Maksym didn’t divulge many details on the game itself, he was happy to share his motivations behind making this game, and they weren’t what I expected at all.

So apparently Maksym is a Christian himself, and he is serious about making this game. When asked what the idea for this game was, he had this to say:

This game is about a 30-year journey in my life. The idea came to me when I was a teenager. I was inspired by computer games and computer animation. I wanted to create a computer animation cartoon movie about Jesus Christ. During the last couple of years, that idea changed into a computer game, because I want to show, from a first-person perspective what Jesus Christ did.

So if your idea was to play a satirical game featuring Jesus, you may be a little disappointed… well actually I’m not sure about that, the Bible stories are quite comical after all. Maybe it will still be a fun game, the devil is in the details. I do like this quote from Maksym though:

We want to keep it as close as possible to the Gospels. But the Gospels don’t tell us how Jesus cast demons out? Or how those demons looked? Those parts are on our shoulders and we want to show how it might have been.

Well goodness, I surely hope that their renditions of demons look as accurate as possible, and we can see how Jesus really walked on water – otherwise I want my money back.

A release date for this game has now been set for 2021.

5 thoughts on “The Jesus Simulator: Coming Soon.

  1. Hey this sounds pretty good. I’m wondering if it has a few adult only scenes. You know the one where he gets off with the good looking chick who anoints his feet and wipes them with her hair. Pretty erotic, eh, Jesus. And of course there’s his girl Mary Magdalene. There’s so many possibilities here.

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  2. Bits of the tale I wouldn’t mind, but ain’t no bugger big enough to nail me to no bloody cross, not even in jest—them nails must’ve made His eyes water, I tell ya! Sheesh!

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