This gave me a little laugh today.

I was reading the news this morning when I came across an interesting Instagram post from the New Conservative party. In the (most likely) case you haven’t heard of them, they’re a conservative Christian party down here in New Zealand. They’re everything you would imagine a conservative Christian party to be.

  • Anti-abortion? Check.
  • Anti-euthanasia? Check.
  • Less restrictive firearm policies? Check.
  • Anti-LGBT? Check.

And more!

Every election time, new ‘Christian’ parties pop up. They get a little support from my Christian friends, and some publicity, but they usually never get anywhere. Usually one of their leaders gets involved in an affair or some sexual harassment scandal, and then that is the end of their party. Rinse and repeat.

But wait, the New Conservative party has had a change of heart on some issues. They have had this to say on their Instagram page:

New Conservative, Instagram.

Aww look at their nice new logo too!

OK so it turns out their page was hacked, and they didn’t really have a change of heart. It did give me a healthy chuckle though, and the person who hacked it really got their point across. Of note were the official party’s response to the hack:

One wonders why this young hacker went to such lengths to illegally hack one of our social media accounts, when the whole point of a free and open society is that we can all easily debate and discuss our ideas online.

Hmm it seems the irony is lost on them though, given that the hacked post mentioned building a “fairer and more equal Aotearoa for our LGBTQIA+ whanau”. A truly free and open society would accept people of different sexual orientations, and not try to change them. You can call the hacking illegal if you want, but damn did the hacker make a good point. Any attempt to critique what the hacker said could suggest that you don’t really want a free and open society.

What’s more, the New Conservative deputy party leader, Elliot Ikilei, had this to say in response:

Was that their sissy move? Eat more iron hahaha!.

Then Elliot put this picture up (in case you can’t use Twitter):

Source: Elliot Ikilei, Twitter.

His childish response is laughable but also speaks volumes. Firstly, since when can a leftie be also fascist? I’m not really sure Elliot knows what fascism means. Also, is listening to the community and trying to build a more fair and equal country fascism, by any stretch? If anything, his own party would fall more in line with a fascist approach than anything, but I won’t dwell on that.

So yeah, this gave me a chuckle this morning, and I hope it made you laugh too. Don’t worry, this party won’t get anywhere, just like the rest of the Christian parties we have. Come next election, everyone will forget who they were (see rinse and repeat above). We don’t have a political system like the [redacted].

  • Liberated.

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