My Top 10 Music Albums.

Another fun thing I thought to do was to list my top 10 music albums. Be warned, this will be showing my age (or lack thereof, depending on how old you are…).

The Essential Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson).


In my first year of uni I picked this up for a cheap $13 at a retail store, and it was worth every cent. Given all the scandals that followed Michael Jackson, it wasn’t exactly a popular time to be listening to his music. But the music was so good, and his voice was flawless when he sung. At this point on I became a Michael Jackson fan and I devoured up almost all his music, even the songs which weren’t officially released. So many pop singers these days are inspired by Michael Jackson in some way, and it’s not hard to see why.

Dark All Day (Gunship).

gunshipSince I jumped on the Spotify bandwagon, I have been discovering plenty of new bands out there – Spotify is good for that. The best way to describe Gunship is a synthwave band with hard rock and heavy metal elements in it. Like most synthwave, it in inspired by 80’s science fiction movies. If you take a movie like Tron or Blade Runner, and the soundtracks associated with it, add in some rock vocalists, then you have Gunship. Their first album was merely OK, but Dark All Day warranted repeat listens. I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

Are You Experienced? (Jimi Hendrix).

Are_You_Experienced_-_US_cover-editAh Jimi Hendrix, a man who was gone far too soon. I don’t feel that I should have to explain who Jimi Hendrix is, but I will say this: ‘Are You Experienced?’ is a masterpiece of music. Almost all his albums could make my top 10 list, but I will stick with one from each artist. ‘A Band of Gypsys’ comes as a close second though.

The Ultimate Bee Gees (Bee Gees).


OK so technically this isn’t a Bee Gees ‘album’ but a compilation album. Regardless, the Bee Gees rightly have legendary status to me. This compilation contains all their infectious hits from the disco era, such as the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, but I was also pleasantly surprised by some of their lesser known earlier material on here. Their earlier material has a strong Beatle-esque vibe to it. If you’re a casual listener, this compilation is a great place to start… and then you can go listen to all of their albums separately.

Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park).


The best way to describe this album is a mixture of rap and rock. Chester provides the lead singer role, while he trades lines with Mike who raps. It is angry, supercharged… and at times sad. So why is this album here? At the time, my parents had just divorced and I had gone through some other crap, so listening to music like this resonated with me. I suppose ‘cathartic’ would be a good way to describe this album. Though I don’t listen to them as much now, I still appreciate this album, and the second album they made (Meteora). I would still follow them as they released new material, but like many others, their later material just didn’t do it for me.

Korn (Korn).


Korn is a metal band that likes to write about pain, emotional issues, and personal alienation. Here was a band who struggled with crystal meth addiction, childhood bullying, and with a lead singer who was sexually abused by a family friend. It is little surprise then, that their harsh, often brutal lyrics carry a weight of authenticity to them. The lyrics aren’t the main selling point of Korn though, it is their sound which frequently invokes gloomy and bleak emotions. ‘Korn’ was their first album, and it was unrelentingly heavy and brutal. Having said all this, why did I like Korn? Life, and by extension, the music which depicts it, isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. To me, Korn’s music was a cathartic emotional release for all the bullshit I experienced. It also amps you up before a workout too.

The Division Bell (Pink Floyd).


If you’re a Pink Floyd fan, you might think it odd that I included this on my list, and not any of their other albums! It’s a Pink Floyd album minus Roger Waters, and it was derided by many music critics at the time. This album has been more well received with time though, and it’s still better than most modern music out there. It’s simple and focused, not overwhelmed with storytelling from Roger Waters, and it showcases the brilliant talents each member brings. Amazing instrumentals and guitar solos are present too.

Ænima (Tool).


Another band I discovered during my uni years. Tool is an arty rock band, whose lead singer may or may not have ingested truckloads of psychedelic drugs. Many of their songs have hidden meanings, and like artwork, invite different interpretations. I really enjoyed Ænima, but their later material didn’t do it so much for me. Maybe I just changed as a person, who knows?

Blindspott (Blindspott).


Back in high school I pirated some music from my friend’s computer onto a CD. One of the bands which caught my ears was a heavy rock band called Blindspott. They have a similar music style to Linkin Park in their early years, but unlike Linkin Park, they didn’t mellow out and change their music style over time. Also, I didn’t realise at the time, but they were local! Listening to them felt weird at first. Back then I was a Christian and my only experience with music was either praise and worship songs or easy listening music on the radio, I felt uncomfortable. This band grew on me though, and it became a favourite of mine. Unfortunately it isn’t often they release new music.

Organik (Robert Miles).


If I asked you if you’ve heard of Robert Miles before, I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer was no. OK then, but how about this song?

Yeah this song is pretty much what he’s known for. Robert Miles was a DJ who was mostly known for producing upbeat dreamy electronic music. While I liked the song Children, and its album, that didn’t make my top ten list. After becoming famous and releasing two albums, he started recording independently. His later albums are much less known about but much better in my opinion. Organik, his third album, is full of hypnotic, trance like instrumental jungle music. I really don’t know how to describe this album, but it has a primal feeling to it that challenges the status quo. It isn’t for everyone but it suited me.

So there we have it. What are your favourite albums you like to jam to? Post in the comments section.

11 thoughts on “My Top 10 Music Albums.

  1. Oh wow – a fellow Gunship fan! They are currently one of my favorites. Not too common. I like the classic rock and especially Hybrid Theory as well. That was always my go-to album from LP. Meteora was good but HT is far superior, in my view.

    If you like Gunship and haven’t heard of one of these, I highly recommend:
    Magic Sword, Ratatat, Kavinsky, Starcadian, Arcade High, The Midnight

    Also, if you want a laugh, look up the music video for True Survivor from Kung Fury. You won’t regret it. 😀

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    1. Wow we share some of the same music tastes it seems. I will definitely check out some of those other bands. Lol yeah I’ve seen that video and song already, hilarious.

      What did you think of Linkin Park’s later material after Meteora?


      1. Nothing approached Hybrid Theory, for me, though I did enjoy Minutes to Midnight a lot.

        Honestly, after that, I haven’t listened to full albums. Not because I didn’t like what I heard – I just had too much else to listen to.

        This isn’t synth or anything, but my favorite band of all time is Manchester Orchestra. Highly recommend. 😀

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      2. I still listened to them, but their later albums weren’t so good overall. They changed their style quite a lot. I can understand why they would want to change, but it wasn’t for the better in their case. Haven’t heard of them but will check them out 🙂

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  2. 1000 points for Are You Experienced.
    Not familiar with some of the others, Floyd , yes, never listened to Tool but have a couple of Albums by Audioslave I pinched from my son’s laptop
    Jackson- some of. Billy Jean probably one of the best pop songs ever written. Bee Gees. Hmmm….

    My tastes are in the main guitar/rock orientated, but I like a lot of jazz and jazz rock.
    Favorite albums would include Dark Side of the Moon, Band of Gypsys and Electric Ladyland, Sticky Fingers (Stones) Wired and Blow by Blow(Jeff Beck) Elegant Gypsy( Al Di Meola,)Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy (Return to Forever) Argus (Wishbone Ash). And anything by Steely Dan.

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    1. Almost anything Jimi Hendrix did in his short lifetime is fantastic. Dark Side of the Moon is pretty decent too, one of Pink Floyd’s best (I would also add Wish You Were Here to that). Much of the music I liked was rock from the late 90’s to 2000’s period (including Tool), not really into the ‘latest’ stuff though, besides the occasional release I discover on Spotify.

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      1. I have all of what Hendrix recorded and what was subsequently released up to and including South Saturn Delta.
        Some of the stuff released after this by the Hendrix Estate I haven’t bothered to buy.
        I have Wish you Were Here, Animals and Echoes ( Hits).
        None of the new stuff gels with me eother to be honest. Sign of old age perhaps?
        There is still so much old stuff out there that I did not encounter while I was growing up and You Tube is a fantastic ‘window’ to trawl.

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      2. The problem with famous musicians is all the half baked unreleased material that gets ‘padded up’ and sold for a profit after their death. Michael Jackson was a good example of this. I loved his music when he was alive, but his ‘posthumous’ albums were left to be desired.

        Haha I think a lot of music tastes might be generational, but the best musicians transcend all generations in my book. YouTube is great, I also use Spotify to find new music. It suggests songs based on your previous listening habits.

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