… but intelligent people believe in God.

I often hear from Christians that [person X] has a PhD and is really smart, and that they also happen to believe in a God/higher power. People such as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein are often thrown into the mix. This is used to try and lend more credibility to their fanciful, often absurd beliefs.

And you know what? contrary to what many atheists say, yes there are many intelligent people professing fanciful absurd religious beliefs. It doesn’t make their beliefs any more credible though. But how is this possible? The video below from DarkMatter2525 has a good explanation for how this occurs:

Throw in indoctrination from a young age, combined with a herd mentality from everyone around you, add Hell into the mix, and whammo! It’s possible.

So next time someone tries to use this as an argument to bolster their religions credibility, just show them this video. They might think twice about using it later, who knows?

– Liberated.

9 thoughts on “… but intelligent people believe in God.

  1. Belief begins with indoctrination, most often by well meaning parents, and has been going on since the beginning. Children are taught about their heavenly father and other immaterial entities. Belief in the supernatural is needed by every religion and the monotheists profess the existence of two realities; one life here and an afterlife there. How are things in NZ? Lovely place, I’ve been told.
    Cheers. GROG

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    1. Yeah I’d say the large majority of people are born into their religion. I know I certainly was. As for the afterlife thing, I’ve always seen it as wishful thinking (since deconverting), but now I see it as more than that. There are people who will do anything if they believe in some immaterial reward in the next life. It’s a good way to keep people dedicated in your religion. If you promised them something real and material, then people are less inclined to stick with you.

      As fir NZ? I think it’s a nice place here yeah, but like many other countries, this Covid-19 pandemic has affected everything. We have had some stricter rules compared to others, but I think it may be starting to pay off as the number of new cases has been dropping each day.

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    1. Those hard headed atheists eh? DarkMatter2525 is a good channel to check out. He basically makes cartoons depicting bible stories, while adding commentary in. It makes you realise how absurd some of the stories were, which we were supposed to believe in. His videos on Job and King Solomon are particularly hilarious.

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  2. Looking at DarkMatter, I realize I was recommended one of his videos like yesterday. I recognize the thumbnail.
    I about to watch the video – hopefully I’m not repeating the vids points – but I wanted to add that many intelligent and influential people of ages past were, indeed, theists. But I don’t know how today’s theists can “claim” those people as their own when most of those historical societies would punish/murder apostates/blasphemers, etc. It’s like a psychopath pointing a gun at someone with a high IQ and desperately screaming “LOVE ME” and then bragging about their smart friend they know to others.
    Theists lost rights to “claim” anyone with the severe social/physical threats it levied in ages past and, in some places, the present.

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    1. That’s a good point, I didn’t think of that. If those ‘theists’ were claiming belief in a God, how much of that belief is genuine given the threats they face? If they have a high profile, they have even more reason to lie.
      I’m going to assume you’ve watched it now. For me, the takeaway point was that there are intelligent people who are theists, but they are theists because that’s what they have been brought up in, and it’s all they have ever known. For various reasons they stay a theist because it’s comfortable and they hate the alternative (although if they’re intelligent then I’m sure their beliefs would make them uncomfortable at some point). Arguing that ‘person x is smart and believes in God’ therefore doesn’t give their beliefs any more credibility or weight.

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      1. Yeah, I agree that’s a huge factor, as well. I’ve written of it in some writing of mine – I think maybe the one called “True Religious Indoctrination”? – but if you get people to believe nonsense at a young age, it’s like allowing dubious people into a club before the “bouncer”, which is a persons rationality, begins checking ID’s. Weird metaphor, but it works in my mind. :p

        Once they’re in, it often doesn’t matter if there’s now a bouncer at the door. They assume everyone inside is safe, thus they don’t scrutinize them.

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