Your body your choice?

Recently I noticed that a few of my Christian friends had put pictures of babies on their Facebook profiles, with the caption ‘Both Lives Matter’. The implication being, of course, that to have an abortion was on par with killing your child.

What was the deal with all this? As it turns out, an act to legislate abortion, was being passed through parliament. This would allow women to have an abortion without restrictions, if they weren’t more than 20 weeks pregnant. After 20 weeks, they can still get an abortion, but only if the health professional reasonably believes it is appropriate. Before that, women had to jump through lots of legal loopholes in order to do one. If it wasn’t for the Covid-19 pandemic right now, this would have generated a lot more news. Anyways, the act got passed so is now law.

Abortion issues and my thoughts on it.

Right off the bat I will say this: I don’t think abortion is a good thing. To be honest, I don’t know anyone who does. But there is a HUGE difference between saying that, and whether a woman should be able to have one.

Most people opposed to abortion tend to believe along these lines:

  • Abortion is the equivalent of killing a baby, and thus denying them the chance of a life.
  • Abortion is a risky health procedure and can have severe physical and psychological health consequences for the person.

Is abortion really equivalent to murder?

Let’s look at the first one. Here they are assuming that at all stages of pregnancy, they are harboring an unborn child. Really? Does that mean that an embryo or sperm are considered as people? Most guys must be mass murderers then. I’m no expert on pregnancy, so I’m not going to assume I know when the ‘unborn child’ is determined to be a ‘person’. But there is definitely a huge difference between having an abortion at one week, compared to, say, 30 weeks. Most countries that permit abortion have a cutoff period anyway.

As for denying them the chance to life, there are certain situations where having an abortion might be preferable, such as:

  • The woman was raped and/or doesn’t have the means to support this child should they go ahead with pregnancy.
  • The child would be brought up in a nasty environment with no care.
  • Not having an abortion would be an extreme health risk for the woman.

I am sure you could think of others. Again, I’m not saying abortion is a good thing, but that there are certain situations where it is preferable to do so, than not.

Abortion health risks.

When carried out by a medical health professional, abortion is actually quite safe. In fact, it is much safer than giving birth. You know what isn’t safe? Performing an abortion by an unlicensed person because it’s illegal in your country. There is a lot of political debate around mental health and abortion. Several studies with a high quality of evidence have shown that abortion has no greater mental health risks to the woman, than if they went ahead and carried out their unintended pregnancy.

My overall thoughts.

Nobody really wants an abortion, but there are certain situations where an abortion should probably be considered. As a male, it is not up to me though, it should be up to the woman. They are not committing murder when doing so. Therefore, I think that this recent abortion legislation is good for us, because it removed roadblocks making it harder for women to get them. I am unsure about abortions after 20 weeks though, since it doesn’t seem to clarify what is classified as ‘reasonable’. But I’m not an expert on that and it’s not up to me anyway. I assume it comes down to a bit of ‘personal judgement’ from the health professional.


Cover Image Source: New Zealand Herald.

13 thoughts on “Your body your choice?

      1. Here is what is really whacked. Well we already know most of these mental midget morons never read their buybulls they love to thump any damn way right? But?

        Their god ordered his followers on numerous occasions? To go and rip the fetuses out of the wombs of pregnant women.

        Their sky daddy? Supposedly created a worldwide flood, drowning almost everyone, including pregnant women causing them? To have abortions.

        Their sky daddy ordered them to slaughter whole towns. Many pregnant women, many abortions.

        Then? Try to even come close to estimating how many abortions Christians caused in their 9 Crusades into Northern Paganlands slaughtering Pagans? How many abortions did their ChristoTaliban commit in history’s worst single case of mass extermination of a group of people when they invaded my Native ancestors lands of North, Central and South American by killing our pregnant Native women? Or even ripping their fetuses out of their wombs?

        According to real statistics? 70% of all abortions performed in the United States? Are done on women who call themselves Christians. This study was actually done by a Christian group? Trying to prove it was godless atheists who were getting the most abortions and Christians the least. Imagine their surprise huh?

        Yeah. Christians are against abortion. Unless they are slaughtering people to commit abortions on others, or on themselves.


      2. Yep god gives people ‘moral laws’ to follow, but they don’t seem to apply to himself for some reason. But yeah he also has ordered Christians to do some pretty nasty things. I didn’t know about that study, that’s interesting but also ironic haha. It reminds me of Christians who decide to actually read their Bible properly, and them leave their religion behind. Actually more of that would happen if they actually did read their Bibles.


  1. Today, around 21,000 children died around the world. How about they give a damn more about all these children first?
    That is equivalent to:

    1 child dying every 4 seconds
    14 children dying every minute
    A 2011 Libya conflict-scale death toll every day
    A 2010 Haiti earthquake occurring every 10 days
    A 2004 Asian Tsunami occurring every 11 days
    An Iraq-scale death toll every 19–46 days
    Just under 7.6 million children dying every year
    Some 92 million children dying between 2000 and 2010

    The silent killers are poverty, hunger, easily preventable diseases and illnesses, and other related causes. Despite the scale of this daily/ongoing catastrophe, it rarely manages to achieve, much less sustain, prime-time, headline coverage.

    From UNICEF, the world’s premier children’s organization, part of the United Nations:

    2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation
    1 billion children are deprived of one or more services essential to survival and development
    148 million under 5s in developing regions are underweight for their age
    101 million children are not attending primary school, with more girls than boys missing out
    22 million infants are not protected from diseases by routine immunization
    7.6 million children worldwide died before their 5th birthday in 2010
    4 million newborns worldwide are dying in the first month of life
    2 million children under 15 are living with HIV
    >500,000 women die each year from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth

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