Going into lock down.

Ah so much has changed in the space of only ten days in New Zealand. Ten days ago we only had 6 cases of Coronavirus, and they were all linked to overseas travel. Back then, the government implemented bans on large public gatherings greater than 500 people. The idea that we should go into lockdown seemed outlandish to many, yet here we are.

Since then, the number of cases has been rising exponentially, with at least 200 cases. On Thursday, everything is going to shut, except for ‘essential services’. You aren’t allowed to go visit anyone or travel outside your house unless it’s essential. You can go outside to exercise, but you must keep your distance well away from everybody else. This is going to last for a month, at least.

It’s a whole new world.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to stay home and spend my life watching shows or playing PS4, as my job is considered ‘essential’. So it’s off to work for me. But hey at least I won’t have to put up with rush hour traffic for a while, and I still get paid, I guess. I really really really hope no one at my work gets Coronavirus.

A few observations of note:

  • At work, we must be at least 2 metres away from everyone at all times, and use hand sanitiser each time we enter and exit the building. They have tables set up with triangular seating arrangements to facilitate this.
  • Bread and my favourite bland cereal are really hard to get now, because everyone is stockpiling up on food when they probably don’t need to.
  • I have the house to myself, since my landlord decided to self-isolate elsewhere. It’s kinda neat but also going to get lonely very quickly.
  • I walked to the nearby supermarket today, and it was eerily quiet. Pretty much everyone would walk across to the other side of the road to avoid you, if you encountered them. I get it, but it just feels so weird…

Anyways, despite the awkwardness and reduced social interaction, I am glad my government is implementing serious measures to try and contain this virus. I hope yours is too, instead of just trying to downplay it, or place blame elsewhere.

Stay safe everyone, and do your bit to avoid spreading the virus. You know, proper hand washing and all that good stuff.


6 thoughts on “Going into lock down.

      1. I work from home, so that worked out for me. Most Americans don’t seem to be taking the virus seriously beyond stockpiling goods. People are still going out and having get togethers.

        It also differs on a state by state basis. I’m in Georgia and people here are going to listen to Trump. Nevada has shut down the Vegas strip for 30 days. California closed all it’s public parks and beaches. It’s a hodge podge of efforts. Not much happening at the federal level and that surprises no one.

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      2. Exactly, but Trump says a lockdown is unnecessary. Places that shut down are operating as sovereign borders. Vegas kicked people out of the city before shutting down. Other cities/states turned people away. I’m not sure how they’re enforcing it, but they’re doing it. Not sure how long they can keep it up for.

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  1. Dear Covert, it’s good to maintain social distancing but that is not the only way to solve this problem. we have to improve our immune system from virus invading our body. one of the best way is to do pranayam or controlled breathing techniques to keep our mind and body calm and taking natural herbs to boost our immune system.

    It is said by ayurvedic doctors turmeric helps in improving our immunity when taken along with milk and vegetables. we use turmeric in our daily cooking for making vegetable curries. it is harmless and you can try this.

    some of the allopathic doctors says there is no effective results in the treatment of diseases. the anti viral and bacterial properties of turmeric can only be fully effective when it is combined with protein.


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