Dear Christians…

Recently I have had a bunch of Christians (and people from some other religions) come and visit my blog. Some of them want to discuss religion with me, in the hopes that myself (or people reading) might change their minds, while others came here looking for a fight. To some extent, this is to be expected. I turned my back on Christianity and I have been writing about its shortcomings for some time. Many Christians aren’t going to be happy with me. Of course, they won’t blame their own religion for my decisions, but instead insist I ‘got it wrong’ or that maybe I went to a bad church or whatever.

Now to my point, if you come to my blog and disagree with what I’m saying, that’s totally fine. If you want to debate things with me, that is fine also. However, before you do, here are a few things to keep in mind…

We have been there before.

Many Christians seem to think that we are lost, as in we have ‘missed the point’ about Christianity, or we have not bothered to apply faith or seek God enough. There are many ways to phrase this, but they all have something in common. They’re basically saying that ‘you are wrong, we are right, if only you’d just believe what I’m saying’. The problem is, we have heard it a million times before, and chances are, we believed it ourselves at some point (I’m referring to ex Christians here). Some of us have spent our whole lives in Christianity and have found through our own experiences what you said to not be true. Recently I had someone tell me about how people who are ‘honest’ will end up going back to Christianity. Really? Being honest with myself is what led me (and many others) away from Christianity, because we could see it for what it was, and not overlook its flaws. Also don’t get me started on the whole ‘intellectual reason will only get you so far’ train. OK, so you have faith in your own God to do things, where else in life do you apply that?

When your car breaks down, do you just ‘have faith’ that it will start working again? What about the car mechanic? Is him believing going to make your car work again?

If you’re going for an operation, does the surgeon suspend intellectual reason and just pray to a God that your operation would go fine. Would you be OK with that?

My point is, in life we use intellectual reasoning and what we know to solve problems. Both Christians and non-Christians alike. Yet when it comes to a God, something which we don’t see or hear (because he’s probably not there), we are meant to follow a different standard. Bear in mind that this God is all knowing and all powerful… there is no reason for him/her to not reveal themselves to us.

Don’t use my blog as a platform for proselytising.

A couple of people decided to use my blog as a platform to preach their own religious beliefs. As in, they posted content on my page in the hope that my readers will change their minds. I’m sorry but that’s not going to fly here, and it will quickly get you blocked. Post on your own page. When I called these people out on it, they basically said I shouldn’t be so sensitive as an excuse, and that I should listen to other peoples opinions. Aha, except it’s not that! Just in case you think it’s OK to do this, and want to use ‘free speech’ as an excuse, let’s give an example:

Imagine you had a blog on roller coasters. To you, roller coasters are the best thing in the world. You post pictures and video of all the fastest and coolest roller coasters around. Then I come along. I hate roller coasters and think they should be banned, because I think they are unsafe and not fun anyways. So I start posting on your blog about how roller coasters suck and try to dissuade others on your blog from taking roller coasters. What would you do? Would you be OK with that? I’m essentially hijacking your blog using my own beliefs which are contrary to yours.

The real-life comparison to this should be obvious to anyone reading this blog. I left my religion behind because I don’t believe in it anymore, and I don’t want to go back there again. Therefore, if you come along trying to preach your religious beliefs here, it isn’t going to go down so well. This is my blog, not yours.

No name calling here.

One person wanted to debate me on the meaning of life, but he kept throwing insults at me in an apparent effort to get me to respond. He even called me a ‘woman’ as means of an insult, what a guy! Let’s be clear here, if you must throw insults at me to get your points across, then you aren’t worthy of a response. Chances are that your points are shitty also. You can disagree with me and debate respectfully, but if not, your ass is going to be blocked quickly.

So there you have it, the end of my rant. Respect each other people!

I just realised that I haven’t posted here all year. I have been quite busy lately, and work has also been exhausting at times, so that has meant less blogging time. Recently I went on a few hikes, so I will post on them. I also have more posts coming up on Jesus, so stay tuned! I haven’t left and I don’t plan to leave WordPress.

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38 thoughts on “Dear Christians…

  1. Well Ben, do they let you comment free reign on their blogs? I have been filtered, moderated or blocked more times than I can count. And I only comment if they’ve tagged atheism and are discussing that topic. Seems like they don’t want to hear it first hand, but will believe again what they’ve been told to believe.

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      1. I had this guy post “if we’re going to get millennials back into the fold we’re going to have to fight the atheists!” I commented that the problem here is millennials have access to information and it’s hard to find converts nowadays who are living in a box. I was immediately blocked. Seems like the real fight is controlling information. That’s what has worked in the past.

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      2. Haha they didn’t like that comment I bet. Yes I agree. And that is why Christianity is declining in many countries. Either that or you see more watered down versions of Christianity where Jesus is your best friend/romantic partner.

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  2. I don’t mind an honest debate with any god believer, but it is hard to find a theist who is willing to have an actual, honest debate. You hit the nail squarely on the head about these Christians. I experienced this on Facebook with them. They sure do not like atheist groups there and they do go after the leaders of them.

    I try to keep chill on these comment sections, but sometimes? A god believer will be lying to you outright, over and over again, demanding you accept their theist based bullshit. Look, if I have searched this religion for over 45 years? If I even became a minister of it and walked away cause I knew it was all bullshit? No newbie, which most of them actually are, or most neophytes will NEVER change my mind no matter what evidence they present. Nor would any Evangelical etc trained pastor or preacher.

    It also boils down to this for me. Even if I WERE to believe and worship a god? It sure the hell would not be the Abrahamic one, nor in one of the Abrahamic religions of psychotic hypocrisy and bullshit. I would lean more anyway towards either my Native American roots, or towards the Norse pantheon. Heck their afterlife kicks ass. Who the hell would not want to spend their time in Valhalla partying?

    Then? christians especially? LOVE to judge us atheists, but sure the hell hate it when we judge them truthfully. Or speak of their psycho god truthfully, or their fascist religion.

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    1. Yes an honest debate is hard. People often come with a preset agenda and belief, and they just want to hammer it into you. They don’t have much interest in what you have to say back, which is quite frustrating. Generally speaking I am quite chill as well, but some people quickly lose their marbles and start hurling insults at me, or they try to preach to me and everybody else. I don’t have much patience for those kinds of people.

      Yeah if there were any God I doubt they’d be one from any of the major religions, they all suck and are too closed minded anyway. If we go by what the Bible says, heaven feels more like hell to me.


    1. Thank you. I actually don’t mind having theological conversations, but it has to be just that, without some kind of preaching/conversion agenda, and as long as people are respectful.


  3. I’ve managed to pick up a stalker along the way. I let anyone comment on my blog and have gone to extraordinary lengths not to block people, but this one troll is utterly clueless.

    All preaching, zero back and forth.

    I blocked him, so he started changing his screen name to get past the block, and even copied some of my followers screen names so he could get through. And always just insults, stupidity, ignorance, and brainless repetition of the same old crap.

    Basically every failed religious argument with a side of creepy.

    Anyway, I feel your pain, brother. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Actually I think the same guy might’ve visited my blog too. I think he was part of some Hindu sect or something? I am not sure what triggered him so much but he was crazy, and kept harassing me while asking to debate me at the same time. I mention this because he told me he ‘won’ a debate against you on your blog… lol. I told him outright to get lost if he was going to harass me. I think he used 3 or 4 different aliases.

      Thank you, i will certainly continue to blog, and you keep up the good work too.


      1. Oh, yeah. Could be the same guy. Poor English, uses the insults “dog” and “crasy” (sic) and “scoundrel” a lot, and absolutely never, ever responds to what you say. He just picks up preaching where he left off.

        Real douche canoe.

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  4. Preaching is all a lot of blogs on here do. And there are few people I can debate with. I’m probably just going to end up sticking to books. I’m tired of having conversations that go no where.

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    1. I haven’t had it happen to me much recently until now, but yeah it’s annoying when people just come here to preach. Debating is often a waste of time because people just want themselves to be heard, that isn’t a debate.

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  5. Here I am the same poor English speaker again.That’s wonderful guys. You speak about insults but you have the full liberty to ridicule GOD and bonafide saints like Jeasus Christ and other bonafide religions without understanding its spiritual values and nature. You say I insult using scoundrel and rascal but this spartan had opened a entire blog and continues to spouts his nasty words on GOD and pure devotees of GOD.

    You say that I had changed my names several times. I am sorry to say you guys before pointing faults on others one should see his own faults. You unfairly avoided all my scientific and logical questions and answers and inorder to safe guard your believes and your blog you blocked most of my logical answers for your reply. And unnecessarily ridiculed about my English vocabulary which is totally irrelevant for the topic under discussion.

    If you don’t believe in GOD then why you people bother others by opening blogs and ridiculing religions. I asked you and spartan about a factual question but both of you wantonly avoided this question and continue your ignorant ranting about religions. Still that Spartan had not answered to this question whether your senses are limited and defective?.

    If you like to be a atheist then keep your believes within yourself and you don’t have the rights to bother others. I already replied to you guys that even if you don’t believe in the existence of GOD there are many good things which bonafide religions teaches us. Just like Ten commandments. I also told you that one who does not follow the ten commandments is an atheist in a disguise of religionist and it is he who has to be punished and not the bonafide religion to be condemned.

    All bonafide religions teaches us about sense control and not to act in an indiscriminate manner like Dogs and Hogs. Atheism means to act indiscriminately like animals. This tendency of indiscriminate behavior is condemned by bonafide religions as it leads to sin and suffering in the human society. I very well know that atheist people like you are least bothered about consequent effects of sin and pious deeds. I also pointed to Spartan that whether we like or not we should obey the state laws if we violate the state laws we are considered as criminal and are liable to be punished.

    I also know very well that in spite of my reply still you shall not consider the fact but continue your ignorant ranting. I out of compassion for you people I beared all personal insults which spartan had made against me. You people say that I am not speaking logic or science that is not the truth. The fact is whenever I present a logic, that spartan deviated from the logic and science and by his jugglery of words deviated from the subject matter and blocked my responses.

    If you want to debate about GOD I am ready even now to debate about GOD in a purely scientific and logical perspective without touching any theology or any scriptures. At the same time you should give me assurance that you people shall not block my reply or responses even it apparently seems to be unrelated to our discussion. If it seems for you people that the explanation which I am giving is totally off topic then you can ask me on what perspective this explanation is given by me. After clearing up my vision of point then proceed or avoid the further discussion.


    1. OK here’s the thing. If me and Spartan ‘like to ridicule God’, why does it bother you? For whatever reason, this really offends you. If God is real, he has much bigger fish to fry than whatever me and Spartan are supposedly writing about on our blogs. Yeah I know you disagree with us, but so what? I didn’t come to your blog first. You act like I have directly targeted you with my blog or something.

      As for debating, I blocked your comments because you were being an abusive asshat. If you can’t show respect to others, then I’m not going to give you my time.

      You say I don’t have the right to bother others.You’re right, and this is something which goes both ways. So stop bothering others and stalking atheist blogs. You’re wasting your time.


  6. Mr.Covert atheist. The problem with the atheist people is they look this world in an narrow perspective as you indicated in this article. For Example, It is just like seeing last climax scene in a movie and coming to a blind conclusion about the characters in that film. Unless you see a whole picture of the movie you cannot understand who is right and who is wrong in climax.

    There are two fallacies in this topic addressing about the existence of GOD. You said that “When your car breaks down, do you just ‘have faith’ that it will start working again? What about the car mechanic? Is him believing going to make your
    car work again?

    If you’re going for an operation, does the surgeon suspend intellectual reason and just pray to a God that your operation would go fine. Would you be OK
    with that?”.

    Here you failed to see other aspect of your claims.

    Suppose if your vehicle got repaired and Immediately God comes and just by his touch got repaired that vehicle. What will happen to the lively hood of car mechanics?
    Similarly suppose God does the profession of doctors, just cured patients by his touch what will happen to the doctor’s profession?.

    There will be no car mechanics and doctors in the society. Suppose if GOD himself does the work of everybody what will happen to our desires. Our desire to become success in this world shall not be fulfilled. When our desires are not fulfilled we shall become frustrated If we are frustrated we shall end up our lives. Suppose if there is no mortality in this world what will happen to the eco balance of this world?Human beings will grow large in number which results in the destruction of forests and other living entities. if there are more human beings more food is required. Because of inhabitation of human beings results in lesser land for cultivation of crops. Ultimately resulting in shortage of food, starvation and death. .

    You said that we should not use your blog for platform for proselytizing but if the topic which your are discussing is not understood in the context in which has to be understood then we have to explain about right way in which is to be understood. If we tell you that what you are seeing is wrong how you can say it is preaching?

    Further most of the topics given by spartan and yourself in itself is not a complete topic and if we say that you failed to note this aspect you people say don’t preach. This is nothing but sheer obstinacy on your side to defend your atheistic ideas only and not have the intelligence to appreciate new information or knowledge which you don’t know.

    You cannot say that whatever I am presenting is right. Nobody in this world can say that I am right. Are you honest enough to admit this fact Covertatheist?


  7. To covert atheist: Don’t speak like nonsense. It is you people who had opened this blog and ridicule Religion and GOD without understanding its values and essence and invited comments. If you can’t understand GOD an religion why you comment on something which you don’t know.

    This spartan is such a maniac and a cheator whenever he was confronted with a valid logic and scientific reasoning he just skipped without any justification and commented by making fun of my english language further he used most filthy words like “FUKK”.

    Don’t speak as if you are innocent and honest you also blocked my answers for your 7 questions which i had already responded to you.

    In spite of addressing the disadvantage of atheism still you don’t have intelligence to foresee the results by remaining as a atheist. So, you are not a honest atheist and all your claims against GOD is to attack bonafied Religions without rationality and establish atheism in this world. Sorry folks that is not going to happen.

    This spartan moron asked me tangible evidence for the existence of GOD. I presented to Spartan about the three laws of thermodynamics and explained to him that First law proves the existance of eternal nature and second law proves that Darwin theory is wrong and prooved that energy is directional in nature and not acting random.

    I also deliberated by referring to Dr. Michal Behe “Darwin’s blackbox” and showed bacteria flagellum and its scientific journals to establish that life in this world is intelligent design and any complex system could not have come by random mutation or chance. When I was presenting all the scientific journels and evidence this rascal without further deliberation on science said that this Michal behe is the king of underpants gnome logic and threatened me to accept this scientific conclusion as wrong if not he shall block me. Look at the madness of this spartan he is commenting wildly about a renowned scientist like Dr.Behe. So, you people are such deceitful and what qualification you have to comment on GOD and bonafide religions?

    Even now you are not prepared to debate with me on scientific basis and you speak big words like maintaining respect. You don’t know to respect others but you expect respect from others. Hypocrites.


    1. An atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in a God, nothing more or less. I am allowed to express my opinion here. You don’t have to agree but you’re not going to change things either.

      The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can be transformed from one form to another, but that the total energy is conserved. I don’t know what you mean by ‘eternal nature’ but we can only go back as far as the start of this universe. Was there universes before ours? maybe but I’m not an expert on that.

      The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of an isolated system can never decrease over time. I’m not sure how you take a leap in jumping from that to ‘randomness’ and Darwins theory. Darwins theory said nothing about energy. You do realise that a big component of evolution is natural selection right? If an organism has useful traits or genes for their current environment then they are preserved. This depends on their current environment. Things don’t just evolve randomly, so you can’t use that as an excuse to refute evolution.

      As for irreducible complexity, that has been refuted by the scientific community at least 15 years ago. His main arguments are that eyes and bacterial flagella couldn’t function without any of their parts. Kenneth R, Miller and others have found evidence that actually the flagellum isn’t irreducibly complex at all. Certain parts of the flagellum and some proteins can be removed but it is still functional. Also it may not have come about from a single process, but multiple different evolutionary processes.


  8. You asked me why it bothers me. If i insult your father what will you do?. Further I see you people as my eternal brothers and No loving brother will see his brother getting addicted to bad habits and suffering. it is only in such a love towards you people I chastised you. You see me like a stranger or enemy but a real theist doesn’t make such discrimination between any living entities. I do not belong to any sectorial religions. We belong to eternal religion community. Our business is to stop irreligion and atheism which is the cause of destruction and suffering in this world. For this purpose I have to point out truth even though it is bitter to hear for others.


  9. Now its much better Covert. Atleast you are not like spartan. You can express your opinion about religions but you cannot ridicule any bonafide religions without understanding its spiritual nature.

    My only point is why this spartan is ridiculing religion by using filthy words. That, what it provoked me. Initially I respected him even though he is insulting me personally but after establishing with valid evidence still he continue to ridicule GOD.

    I am sorry to say that you have not completely understood about the Three laws of thermo dynamics in its right sense.

    The first law says that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed.
    The second laws says the total amount of energy in the cosmos remains constant while the amount of energy utilized for useful work is always diminishing.
    The third laws says that if the temperature is approached to absolute zero (-273 degree celcius) in a perfect crystal the entrophy of that crystal is zero. This means if you cool down the crystal to absolute zero (-273 degrees celcius) you will get more order
    This was told by Dr.AE.Wilder smith you can refer to his audio files in his website. According to first laws energy is eternal as it is not created or can be destroyed. Even you would have heard from religionist most of the time speaking about a eternal GOD but you people say Eternal? And tell all these things are mythology. Now, there is a scientific law to prove that there is an eternal principle in this world which is not a mythology.

    According to second law, Darwin theory is not compatible with the foundation principle of this universal law. first of all Darwin theory is speaking about variations within the species and he does not speak about origin of life. He did not say how a first self replicating cell came into existence. It is contradictory because he says from disorder there is order. Whereas second laws indicates that from order there is disorder unless it is guided by directional energy.

    For eg: you build a house and if you did not maintain the house what will happen the house will soon be destroyed and turn into dust by the energies of nature.

    Dr.AE. Wilder smith says that nature is reversible unless it is sustained by directional energy what Dr.Wilder smith calls it as entropy hole. For example, in order to build a nucleotoid you must have 21 building blocks of protein. First of all such building blocks of proteins must be available at the right time. Proteins are susceptible when they are exposed to random energy and soon will get destroyed even before such proteins are created by the very same energy. such mutations and cell replication is not happening by chance or randomness because Gene consists of information. Most of the time you would have heard about the term called “Genetic codes” from the molecular biologist. Codes are languages or information that cannot be created by undirected unguided random nature. when there are codes or language then there is intelligence behind the nature.

    Darwin indirectly uses the word natural selection when he speaks about randomness. This is quite contradictory to his own statements. This proves that he cannot explain the mutation without an intelligence.

    Further what you said is wrong Michal behe has not been refuted. Miller just raised the possibilities of other paths of evolution but he has not proved by Darwin explanation “if the life could not arose by gradual numerous successive changes my theory will break down”.

    We also recommend exploring the podcasts related to irreducible complexity in the search link below, which may also be helpful to you:


    1. Why do you feel the need to create so many different accounts? Stop spamming my page and post with one account only. Religion is obviously important to you, but if someone else is ridiculing it, then just ignore them maybe? Build a bridge and get over it.

      You’re meandering a lot here. You haven’t clearly explained the link between thermodynamics and evolution, and it’s really not a good point to start from anyway. As I already explained, natural selection isn’t random, it depends on environmental and genetic factors, though there is no doubt components of randomness in it. Charles Darwin doesn’t explain the origins of life, because that is a distinct field to evolution.

      In response you should look up the Kitzmiller Vs Dover Area School District trial. Behe himself actually concluded that there are no peer reviewed papers or articles supporting his claims. Therefore his theory sits on hot air. Again, this stuff has been refuted by the scientific community at large, so even if Miller hadn’t, it’s a moot point. You might as well try and argue that ghosts are real using thermodynamics while you’re at it.

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  10. Sorry covert, you are totally missing the point. Before speaking of spamming you should know the cause of such situation. It is only you people are creating such a situation. why did you block me if I am replying to your scientific questions?. From this it is clear that you want to create such a picture that theist people has no scientific answers for your questions and thus try to establish your atheistic ideas as right.

    The idea is you don’t want to accept about intelligent design therefore you wantonly try to deviate from point which is prima facie. I am asking what is the need for you to ridicule if you don’t believe in GOD and scriptures better mind your own business. If you are really honest to know about the science of GOD you would have approached in a humble spirit and not in a puffed up arrogant deceitful spirit. If you are saying like that, then it means that we shall continue to ridicule. You can ridicule me but not GOD or bonafide religions which is universal faith of majority of the people all over the world.

    The first law of thermodynamics speaks that matter (energy) has no beginning or end. This is what is called as eternal aspect of energy. I want to point you people that if we say GOD’s nature is eternal you people cannot understand its nature. so, I showed by scientific laws that there is eternal aspect of GOD in this universe.

    Second laws of thermodynamics states the amount of energy utilized for useful work is diminishing. Darwin says that of one species got adapted to a particular environment it shall pass its higher traits to its off springs. This has to be appreciated in micro evolution level. A single ameba turned into multi cell to undergo several multiple changes it requires directional energy and multiple design in protein structures to come to higher forms of life. For Example, suppose if you are having old 1940 car and if you want your car to turn into latest Mercedes benz car is it possible to modify the spare parts of 1940 car into suffisticated spare parts of benz?

    Assuming even it is possible how much Intelligence, quantity of metals, chemical propotion, design, labour, directional energy and execution is required to make such changes. This is what second laws states. you want to make any changes to any thing you require directional energy to maintain its position otherwise the entire thing shall be destroyed.

    As per the second laws order of things is not maintained unless it is sustained by directional energy. For any cell to function it requires propotional energy. For a cell to multiply it requires more propotional energy and more function. For Example, when you work in gym you use your energy to lift weights but how long you can keep on lifting weights there is limitation. You become tired and fatigued and you stop working unless you take refreshments like juice and food in a specific quantity you cannot work anymore. Similarly, A cell in order to function smoothly needs directional energy but second laws states that such status quo is not maintained and it diminishes or becomes disorderly when not maintained by intelligence.

    For example, if you take car engine the energy is regulated by the design of fuel injector and combustion chamber, engine valves, gear box, transmission rod to wheels so that the energy is efficiently utilized in the form of power drive. If the same energy is used randomly by pouring oil or gasoline on the engine the energy is wasted. Similarly, The second laws works in that way and this is the laws of nature which works randomly. The contradiction in Darwin theory is he states these changes or mutation is due to natural selection and adaptation but he failed to understand about the workings of second laws. He failed to note one major point for anything to get adapted it requires time to get itself adapted, before getting adapted if such species dies how it could have passed its higher traits to its off spring which is not in existence?.

    Darwin says life came from lower forms to higher forms of humans. This is like modifying a bicycle to aeroplane. He says some how ameba after undergoing multiple mutations caused by natural selection turned into human species. This is a excellent fiction story born from his imagination. Darwin simply want to explain the cause of higher forms of life from lower forms but he failed to understand the actual working of nature. As per Darwin theory even a simple primitive cell could not come into existence if he says that biogenesis can also happen by unguided or undirected process of energy.

    Therefore, as per second laws environment destroys or break down things if not maintained by intelligent directional energy.Further you failed to note that GENE has information and it could not be produced from nature which has not intelligence . Darwin speaks about natural selection but he had not touched on information aspect which is present in the genes.

    Further, you cannot say that since Dover trial is against Dr. Behe’s claim it is in favor of evolutionist. The judge who heard the case is not expert in the subject matter of bio chemistry and molecular biology. So, he is not a qualified person to understand bio chemistry and pass judgements. Further, while passing judgement he just cut and copied the version of evolution scientists which shows is incompetency in determining the false arguments made by evolutionists. You said that, Behe himself actually concluded that there are no peer reviewed papers, Again you failed to note a fact even though it may be true that doesn’t mean that behe’s claims were wrong. It is not the number game which determines Behe’s claims were wrong. . Majority of the people in the scientific community were evolutionist or atheist even some of them who are religionist or believe in GOD they fear that they will become jobless if they support Behe’s claims.

    Further, you did not read the links completely and this shows that you are not open and honest to know what science says. you simply want to find faults to establish your foolish atheistic belief to lead a animalistic life without any sense of discrimination. Therefore I don’t want to contihnue my discussion with people like you who are expert in deception and lying. You ask where is GOD show us then we shall believe. GOD shall not reveal to you people who are liars. I pray to GOD that HE may forgive your ignorance and sins and may give you intelligence to act righteously.


    1. No you are the one who doesn’t get it. I didn’t block your answers recently, yet you still post with a different account, making you look like a fool. Everyone reading this can see this by the way.

      It is not that I don’t want to accept intelligent design, in fact I used to believe in it myself. it is because it is based on unscientific claims. I.D only exists because of evolution and to try and poke holes in evolution. It doesn’t stand on its own.

      Stop trying to invoke the laws of thermodynamics over and over again. The laws of physics don’t disprove evolution. Darwin didn’t have a knowledge of genetics at the time, The key factor which drives ‘lower forms’ of nature into higher forms is genetic mutations. Maybe you should read up on how those work. Genetic mutations introduce new genetic information into the gene pool. These changes are small, but become more massive over time. One cannot accept micro-evolution without accepting macro evolution. That is like saying, you can walk 100 steps a day but it would be impossible for you to walk 1 million steps in total. Well why not?

      As for Behe, there are many Christians who happily believe in evolution as well as God. Also you missed the point that these ‘evolutionists’ actually use peer reviewed studies. I don’t know why you still support Behe even after I told you what he admitted. Here’s a good video rebuffing irreducible complexity: .
      The gist of it is, many systems that aren’t irreducibly complex, may appear to be. This system may have had different parts which have since been removed, or maybe some of the parts got swapped or their functions changed. This happens in evolution all the time by the way, a good example of that would be vestigial organs.

      I’m sorry you feel that way, quite disappointing really 🙂 . Intelligent design isn’t science. Up until now I have actually been quite nice to you and have taken up some of my time to discuss my claims, but it seems you can’t handle what I’m saying. And now you make judgements on my moral character and intelligence because of it. You are so far up your own hedonistic fake religious ass that you don’t realise how much of a self-centred jerk you really are. I have many religious friends who are good people, and you are not one of them. Goodbye.

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      1. Holy hot Christ, that asshole is exhausting… LOL. I admire your patience.

        I have run out of it completely, hence why I almost never blog anymore on this topic… I’ve been catching up today – really nice work. Brings back memories, 🙂

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      2. Lol oh he is. I ended up blocking him. I used to read your blog before I made an account myself, I was wondering why I hadn’t seen new posts from you. But yeah it can get exhausting after a while, which is why I often blog on other topics now, like hiking. It is good to blog about this stuff, but not all the time…

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  11. Oh! poor brother, don’t get emotional. I told you that Dr.Ae.wilder smith says that second laws of thermo dynamics destroys the cell if it is not maintained by intelligent agency. you admit “Darwin didn’t have a knowledge of genetics
    at the time”. And you admit that “Genetic
    mutations introduce new genetic “information” into the gene pool”. I am asking you people the same thing “how did such information or new information pop up at the first place?. Don’t say mutation. Mutation is not the answer for information. No information can be produced without presence of intelligence. If you say like that then you are the most dumb persons on this earth.

    According to evolutionary biologists, once life got started, Darwinian evolution took over and eventually produced the grand diversity we observe today.
    Under the standard view, a process of random mutation and natural selection built life’s vast complexity one small mutational step at a time. All of life’s
    complex features, of course, are thought to be encoded in the DNA of living organisms. Building new features thus requires generating new information in
    the genetic code of DNA. Can the necessary information be generated in the undirected, step-by-step manner required by Darwin’s theory?

    Most everyone agrees that Darwinian evolution tends to work well when each small step along an evolutionary pathway provides some survival advantage. Darwin-critic
    Michael Behe notes that “if only one mutation is needed to confer some ability then Darwinian evolution has little problem finding it.”
    However, when multiple mutations must be present simultaneously to gain a functional advantage, Darwinian evolution gets stuck. As Behe explains, “If
    more than one [mutation] is needed, the probability of getting all the right ones grows exponentially worse.”

    You are not a scientist to disprove what I am telling is wrong. First of all don’t be a well frog come out from your Darwin world and try to learn and understand advancement of modern science in a nano technoloty level. If Darwin is ignorant about genetics then naturally his speculation of conclusion about evolution can also be wrong. Be a honest science seeker don’t be a darwin fanatics.

    Good bye.


  12. Hence, we have started a pluralistic faith discussion group where we live. It fosters discussion on a variety of issues which are of interest to many people of different faiths. In that we welcome Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Pagans and Atheists. Surely if we are to become one community we should listen to each other, learn from each other? Hope you don’t mind me following your blog.
    I’m a minister living in a beautiful valley with people with eclectic tastes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. While I don’t have religious beliefs anymore,yeah I agree we could learn more from each other. You’re welcome here,as long as you don’t start proselytizing on my blog. That’s something many Christians don’t seem to get…

      Liked by 1 person

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