My brutal gym regime

After doing my half marathon in August, I decided I would like a change of scenery for a while. I didn’t want to get unfit again though, so I joined a local gym. I hadn’t been to the gym for quite some time. This gym was integrated with an aquatic centre too, so you get free use of the pool facilities which is pretty neat. After joining, I could get a free consultation, and they gave me this brutal full body workout.

Some notes:

Most of these exercises are performed as supersets; this means that you do one set of ALL the exercises in the superset, before resting. Between sets, I try and rest for 60 seconds where possible (unless I’m getting quite fatigued toward the end). This is a full body workout, and is ideally done three times a week, with rest days in between.

The new program.

Warmup: 5 mins or 1000 m on rowing machine.

Superset One:

3 x 10 bench press

3 x 10 decline press ups

Superset Two:

1 x as many reps as possible pullups

3 x 10 wide assisted chin ups

3 x 10 assisted dips

Superset Three:

3 x 10 dumbbell overheard press

3 x 10 one armed row (each arm)

Cardio: 10 mins interval training on cross trainer.

Superset Four:

3 x 10 leg press

3 x 10 box jumps

Superset Five:

3 x 10 leg curl

3 x 10 leg extension (both legs)

3 x 10 leg extension (single leg)

Superset Six:

2 x 20 bosu ball v ups

2 x 20 Russian Twists

Finisher: 60 second plank.

My thoughts on this program.

This is probably one of the hardest gym programs I have ever been given. You end up feeling sore and out of breath at the end (or maybe even before then) – especially after doing those box jumps! For the most part, I like the choice of exercises given, although I can’t say I’m much a fan of the v ups and Russian Twist exercises at the end. Having said that, it is a little on the long side. This will take approximately 75 – 90 minutes to do, depending on how long you rest in between sets. But you do get your cardio and strength training done all in one – and it is only done times a week at the most. So, I’ll say I like this workout, except when I’m near the end of doing it! I will see how this goes.

Now what are your thoughts on this program? Would you ever do something like this as part of your gym routine?

5 thoughts on “My brutal gym regime

  1. This really sounds like an excellent program. The pull-up/dip sets would be particularly hard. I actually superset those myself sometimes. I’d skip the whole last superset–I don’t like the bosu balls or russian twists, either.

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    1. It depends what you’re aiming to achieve. But if you want to get fitter then you need to challenge yourself, which will result in you feeling tired sometimes. Being tired all the time certainly isn’t good though.


  2. we have to choose the kind of exercise according to our occupation. if your occupation requires more labour work then heavy exercise is required but if your occupation is in the nature of office work then it is better you can go for yoga asanas or other light exercises. if you do heavy exercise to show up then such kind of mentality will cause you pain and annoyance both physically and mentally.


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