How to come out to others about your beliefs.

There are many closeted atheists out there – I was one of them. For many, leaving their religion behind is a significant endeavor; and it is also difficult to tell your religious friends and family that you don’t believe in it all anymore. Why? For many religious people, their religion is a massive part of their life – you could say that their beliefs define them. Not only that, their beliefs are the right way and the ONLY way. The consequences of people coming out about their (lack of) religious beliefs can be huge, so many people choose to stay in the religious closet.

If you’re a closet atheist/agnostic, and are tired of staying in the closet, I have some advice for you on how you might do that. It goes without saying, this advice is based on my experiences coming out, and your situation may be significantly different to mine, but I think this advice will still hold well.

1. Wait for the appropriate time.

When sharing your beliefs, context counts. Bringing the topic up out of the blue usually isn’t a good idea. Also, if the other people are busy then it’s obviously not ideal. What you want to do is, wait until the topic of religion/church comes up, and then maybe share then. If your friends/family are Christian, trust me, this opportunity will come up often! If you’re having a meal with someone, one on one, that is an ideal time I have found.

For some of you, sharing your beliefs publicly could be dangerous or have adverse consequences. In those situations, I would advise you to wait until your situation changes. It’s OK to wait. Here are some situations where I would advise you to NOT come out:

  • You still live with your parents, in a conservative religious household.
  • You live with religious friends, and you are the only one who isn’t religious.
  • You live in a country where you could be severely punished for leaving your religion (several Muslim majority countries come to mind).

In the first two points I mentioned, you will find it much easier to share when you don’t live with them anymore, and it will definitely be easier if you’re not attending church.

Before I move on from this, I should mention that not everyone needs to know. When the time is right, you should tell most of your close friends and family, but you don’t owe anyone else an explanation. You will probably find that while you’re still involved in your religion, you will tell a few people in the process of leaving, but after that, sharing becomes optional. There are some people who will get upset about your beliefs, so it’s just not worth telling them.

OK, so you’ve found an ideal time to share, how do you actually go about it?

2. Set up the scene.

Firstly, you have to be a little blunt about your beliefs (but without being a dick about it), and make it really clear to them. As an example: they ask you why you aren’t at church anymore, you tell them that you don’t go to church anymore because you don’t believe in a God anymore. This is brief but clear. Then, tell them from the offset that this is a difficult thing for you to share, and that you’re not looking for any confrontation (eg a debate), unless you actually want to debate them… There is a chance that they may try and use this against you, by claiming that they can ‘help you out’ in some way. Don’t fall for this, hold your ground (more on this later), but still try to be nice at the same time. You’re not trying to pick fights here.

3. Be prepared to give the reasons for your beliefs.

Ah this sounds familiar, where have I seen this before? Ah 1 Peter 3:15. I don’t think that the author intended for this quote to apply to atheists though… lol. Anyways, as this point implies, you should have some ready-made reasons at hand as to why you are no longer religious. Coming out is stressful, so having a rough plan of what to say is really useful. Here are my reasons; I used these when I first started sharing with people. It is a given that people are going to ask you why, so it is useful to prepare for this by writing them down somewhere. You could just tell them you don’t want to discuss, and leave it at that, but if they are your close friends and family I would advise you to share.

4. Build up to sharing.

Some of you may find it difficult to say anything, depending on your situation. If so, this point is made for you! The idea is to practice sharing in situations where it is of little consequence, so that you get better at it and more confident. Start with Level 1, then progress to the next one when confident. Here is a good way to progress, depending on your confidence level:

Level One: Make a private blog/diary to discuss your beliefs.

Level Two: Once you have some reasons sorted, talk to non-religious friends or family about it.

Level Three: Share with more liberal minded religious people your beliefs, or with religious people who you have little connection with.

Level Four: Share with your religious friends and family.

In my case, I started a blog, then I shared with some non-Christian family members (eg my dad), and then I told non-Christian friends, and finally some of my church friends. Don’t feel that you have to rush things though, it may take several months, if not years, until you can feel completely open about sharing your beliefs.

5. Try to be as objective as possible, and only include yourself in your statements.

I get it, leaving your religion behind can be an intense emotional process, but let’s try to be rational when openly discussing things. Make statements and give reasons/examples where possible (and now I’m starting to sound like an English schoolteacher…). Don’t let emotions get the better of you. Telling them you don’t believe in Creationism because it’s full of religious motivated bullshit isn’t a great idea, even if you might be totally justified in thinking that. Also, include only yourself when you discuss your beliefs, it can be surprisingly powerful, and you’re leaving them open to believe whatever they want. What I mean by that is, make statements like: “I don’t believe in [insert religion] anymore because I found that it didn’t add up to me – their religious texts contradict each other”, as opposed to “[Insert religion] doesn’t add up and is filled with contradictions.” I am assuming that the audience here is your friends or family, you want to remain respectful when you can.

6. Hold your ground.

So you want to be respectful, and avoid confrontation where possible, but it’s inevitable it’s going to come at some point. As mentioned earlier, some people will try to take advantage of your ‘struggles’ by claiming to ‘help you out’. Of course, you know they aren’t really going to help you. Politely refuse their help and don’t waste your time. These people will also try to challenge your beliefs. Normally I don’t like to challenge other people, but if they challenge me first, then it’s fair game. Throw their statements back at them and ask them difficult questions which their religion fails to address. Of course, at any point, you can ask to call off the discussion. Endlessly debating these things is often a waste of time anyway; if your points have been made clearly, that’s all that matters.

It is likely that you will be asked some difficult questions which you don’t know the answer to – it doesn’t help in a stressful situation like this either! That’s OK, just freely admit you don’t know the answer – that is better than stumbling around trying to come up with something. It is likely that their own religion doesn’t address the problem either – despite their claims to the contrary. If you’re feeling cheeky you could point that out to them.

7. Don’t go public about it straight away.

When it comes to ‘coming out’, there are some who like to share publicly, which includes the use of social media. It would seem easier, and in theory there is nothing wrong with doing this, but it’s just not the best way. I know it’s harder, but your close friends and family deserve a conversation with you first. Hopefully then, they will have some understanding of why you believe what you believe (even if they don’t agree with it). It will also be easier for them to take in. Once the people close to you have found out, then by all means go public about it later if you wish.

So there you have it, some advice from me on how to come out to others about your beliefs. If you have some advice of your own, feel free to share in the comments.

  • Ben The Liberated Atheist.


14 thoughts on “How to come out to others about your beliefs.

  1. I haven’t come out and told my siblings that I’m no longer a Christian. I’m sure they suspect something, but that’s fine with me. I did tell my Lutheran friend. And the last meeting I had with the Lutheran group at his house, I noticed that they didn’t pray before the meeting started. I could only surmise that was because of the fact that I, an admitted a-theist was present. It was weird, and now, it seems the meetings have stopped altogether. I will say that I’m still in good stead, friendship wise, with my Lutheran friend. Your advice is very good. I think I will simply wait for the right moment for my brother and two sisters. Well, when my novel comes out they’ll know then…if they read it! Ha!

    As usual, great post.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. When you’re not involved in church anymore I actually find that coming out is a bit easier. If they like to discuss religion related topics with you then that could be a good chance to share. I have a Christian friend who I used to have lunch with once a fortnight. While he was unhappy, we still remained friends after I shared my (lack of) faith with him. After that, he would always ask if he could silently say grace before his meals though, which got awkward.

      Thank you, much appreciated.

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  2. In not sure what the issue is with ‘coming out,’ just as it is no big deal sharing my faith when opportunity rises.

    It should be a simple matter of sharing what is valuable, which is b natural.


      1. If that’s the case- why would u want a friendship where u couldn’t be honest?

        Or maybe it’s not a matter of honesty, but embarrassment.

        If I woke up tomorrow and told everybody I’m now a female/ yeah, that might be a big surprise to everybody- and no- they need not abide with my perversion.

        People pretending to be ‘scientists’ should hold heads in shame to promote such crap.

        Male and female created He them…. everything else is laid at the feet of nans decadence.


      2. It’s not just about honesty, it’s about the consequences many people have to face when coming out as well. But yeah if someone cant accept you for who you are after the fact? they should be ditched.


  3. Covertatheist:- you are such a wimp because instead of answering me you are hidding yourself. you are not a honest atheist. you say that christians don’t have answers for your questions. well then what is your question. i am ready to clarify your ignorance.


    1. Really? I only haven’t responded because I have a busy life outside of blogging right now. But if you’re coming here to be an asswipe then you might as well leave.

      OK here are some questions for you:
      Why did God give us free will then punish us for exercising it?
      Jesus has said he was ‘coming soon’. It has been over 2000 years since, where is he?
      Why did God regret making humans? (See Genesis 6:7).
      If God can heal the sick through miracles, why do we still have hospitals?
      If the whole earth flooded in 40 days, where did it all go? There is no geological evidence for this.
      Why does an all knowing omnipotent God require faith in him?
      How do you know the Bible to be true, as opposed to some other religious text?
      There you go, have fun.


  4. do you know who am i covert?. i am the same person who had defeated spartan atheist in the title “Your God has limitation”. even spartan is afraid of me so what you speak of you. you are just a lowely worm. so there is no surprise that you are afraid of me.

    since it is your blog you can block me but keep one thing in your mind you cannot block the absolute truth. let me conclude by saying one thing.

    i am ready to debate you scientifically at any time. do you think covert that you are more knowledgeble and intelligent than Instein and newton?. all the great scientist after decade of experiments had unanimously accepted the existance of GOD. so if you deny the existance of GOD then you are No.1 fool and totally ignorant about the scientific workings of the nature.

    good bye.


    1. You know I would debate you except for the fact you came to my blog to be an asinine asswipe, I don’t owe you anything and you haven’t ‘won’ anything. The only person being ignorant is you. Goodbye.


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