Three days until the big day.

So it is just three days until my 21km trail run! Here is a summary of my training last week:

Monday: 10km run.

Tuesday: 30 minute walk.

Wednesday: 12km run.

Thursday: 7km run.

Friday: 13km trail run.

Saturday: Tokorangi Pa Trail Walk (11.5 km).

Sunday: Rest.

So that’s a lot of running and walking! Things were going well until the trail run on Friday, which was much harder than my previous runs. I have done a half marathon before but this felt much harder, despite only being 13km. Uneven terrain with steep relentless hills really take the energy out of you. I felt good though, knowing I had given it my all afterwards.

On Saturday, a friend wanted to hike with me so I took him on the Tokorangi Pa trail. All of a sudden my leg seized up and became quite painful. Yikes, had I pushed things too far? I was still able to do this walk painlessly provided that I didn’t walk too fast or put too much weight on my left leg, but I was a little concerned this close to the race. The last few days I have been taking things easy and have only been doing some short walks. As of today, my leg feels fine, so here’s hoping I don’t injure myself on the big day.


Next week I will let you all know how my run went. Cheerio.

12 thoughts on “Three days until the big day.

      1. It is winter time here now so it’s quite ideal for running. I don’t like to run in Summer either, a bit less enjoyment when you’re really dehydrated. Good luck with your powerlifting meet.

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  1. Sure reads like a sciatica nerve problem. I don’t usually give “health” advice but from personal experience, I’d have a chiropractor look at that leg…


  2. If it’s on the side of the leg, by the knee and hurts when you bend the leg, especially going down stairs it is Iliotibial band syndrome.
    This is typical of overuse, so be careful.
    I developed it while training or my very first marathon. It initially went away and become tolerable then came back and ”bit” me hard at around the 34km mark. It stuffed me up for nearly four months afterwards.
    If you think this might be what’s causing the pain research it, and if it is then seriously reconsider your 21km.
    Let me know what you find?

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    1. I did a read up on IBS but I am not entirely sure if I have that or something else. There are a few other conditions which have similar symptoms to mine as well such as runners knee. I don’t feel pain when walking down stairs particularly, although it seemed to be triggered on uneven surfaces. The last few days I have mostly rested. I did a short run today but no pain now. I think if the pain flares up again then I will see a doctor who ideally knows a lot about physiology.


      1. It will likely either be runners knee or IBS.
        You’d know if it was IBS. If you feel the knobbly bit on the side by the knee and press with your thumb,it will hurt (like hell!). And you can actually feel the inflammed tendon move over this area as you flex the leg.
        If it turns out to be IBS some GPs suggest surgery to pin the tendon back.
        I suggest you avoid this!
        A sports doctor will use a method of vibration to relieve the pain and show you various exercises.
        Of course, Google is your friend!
        Runner’s knee normally requires ice to reduce inflammation – or anti inflammatory tabs, and rest.
        All symptoms are because of over use, that is a given.
        For what it’s worth, once I recovered from IBS it never reoccurred.
        I never suffered runners knee, but did have a bad bout of shin splints.
        The wall stretch will sort this out chop chop.
        Just don’t push too hard; allow the leg/s to toughen up gradually.
        Have fun and best of luck!

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      2. Ok I tried that and I don’t think it’s IBS… thankfully! I didn’t realise you used to do a lot of running. Do you still run? Thanks, I’m looking forward to it. It’s a nice place to run.


      3. I ran regularly for around 10 years and participated in pretty much every distance up to Comrades (90km)
        I was always more of a back of the pack runner depending on the distance.
        My best time for a 10km was 44 mins and marathon 4hr 2mins.
        I ran with a club called Skaw Harriers (don’t even know if they still exist) and trained with a very good friend who left South Africa and now lives in Cyprus.
        These days I jog rather than run and only around my suburb, just for fun and to keep reasonably in shape.

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