Bigotry is still alive and well.

Yesterday I was browsing through my Facebook feed, when a post from a friend of mine caught my eye. They were asking for signatures to a petition, which was titled: ‘Stop transgender teaching in New Zealand‘. Now I don’t know how things work in your country, but the idea of these petitions is to get someone in parliament to do something about a particular policy or law.

What in the fuck? Why would you want to get support for something like that? Bigotry is truly alive and well today. How is it possible I am friends with such a dork like this?

Now, before we progress onward, I must clarify. This petition isn’t about making it so that transgender people can’t teach (or so they say…). Instead, they want to remove teaching gender diversity in sexual education. Here I’ve posted a screenshot of this crap:

In all its glory…

Lets do a breakdown shall we?

“That the House of Representatives urge the Ministry of Education to remove learning intentions for teaching gender diversity in the sexuality education guide and to remove the gender diversity teaching resources on the Te Kete Ipurangi website.”

Now why on earth would you want to stop teaching gender diversity? What has it ever done to you? Might as well remove teaching racial diversity as well, while we’re at it. Let’s go back to the good old days! Oh look, they’ve posted their reasons down below…

“I believe that teachers are already required to create a safe environment for all students regardless of race, religion, language, disability, and sexuality.”

Yes you’re right, and that should include transgender people. So why remove teaching gender diversity? We could just keep it in the curriculum?

“They do not have a separate requirement to teach the content of minority groups in the curriculum, therefore why should there be a new expectation to include the teaching of gender diversity.”

You missed a question mark there, let me put that in there for you? Anyways, back on track. This is what you call a false equivalency, and a terrible one at that. No, there is not a separate requirement for teaching content to do with minority groups, because that would just be wrong and discriminatory in my book. No one should be marginalised. But, EVEN IF THERE WAS, why don’t you want to teach gender diversity? So you just want to teach about heterosexual males and females, and marginalise everyone else? The two ideas in your sentence have nothing to do with each other either.

“I believe that endorsing gender discordance as normal via public education and legal policies will confuse children and parents.”

OK, so just to clarify things here. By gender discordance, they mean gender identity. Most people ‘identify’ as their physical gender at birth, but some people (eg transsexuals) don’t. I don’t fully understand how it works to be honest, but if someone identifies as a different gender, it doesn’t worry me at all. But the dork who wrote the petition doesn’t want us to learn about this in school. Confuse children and parents? No, if you don’t teach or endorse gender discordance, THAT is going to confuse people, especially if you don’t want to teach gender diversity. Transgender people are going to be around whether you like it or not, whether you ‘endorse’ them or not, and discouraging people from learning about gender diversity is just going to encourage them to be discriminated against, misunderstood and mistreated. That’s a weak excuse Helen, nobody is going to be confused if they’re educated properly.

As of now, this petition has 1588 signatures, which is relatively small for a country of 4.5 million, but still, that’s 1588 people who are totally OK with throwing transgender people under a bus, it seems. But something tells me this won’t go anywhere anyways. Our country is becoming more progressive, we legalised same sex marriage a few years ago after all, so these bigoted people like Helen are going to have to find something else better to do with their lives, like staring at the sun.

You really are an ignorant dork Helen Houghton. Sorry I’m not normally like this, but the fact that ignorance like this is still a problem grinds my gears, especially when it comes from a so called friend of mine.

– The Overt Atheist.

3 thoughts on “Bigotry is still alive and well.

  1. What the fuck? Gender studies will definitely confuse transphobic idiots like this jerk. And, by the way, being trans means that your gender (which is more of a feeling) doesn’t match your biological sex. Most people’s sex and gender match (they are called cisgender – “cis” means “on this side of”), but some people’s sex and gender don’t match (they are called transgender – “trans” means “on the same side of”). There are more things, of course, but these are the basic definitions.

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