Atheist blogs and YT channels I secretly followed when I was a Christian.

For much of my life I was a Christian. This started from when I ‘asked Jesus into my heart’ at the age of six, and it continued through all my school and university years. I have mentioned before the turning points which led me on a path away from Christianity. During this time, I started to watch atheist YouTube channels and read a couple of different blogs. These blogs and videos got me thinking about whether the scriptures were as really as true and holy as they claimed to be or not, and whether the God I was following was actually a real being, let alone someone worthy of my worship. As you can guess, I ended up becoming an atheist. These videos and blogs aren’t solely to blame for my deconversion of course, but I do feel they were an important aspect of it, so I will share them with you. If you’re an atheist, you should check out some of these YouTube channels solely for their entertainment value. If you’re a Christian, check them out… if you dare!

YouTube Channels.

Channel One: NonStampCollector.

This guy made a bunch of cartoons depicting Yahweh and various other Biblical characters. It’s satirical and funny, really highlighting some of the absurdities in the Bible which Christians are supposed to believe, including pretty much everything in the Book of Genesis. He doesn’t upload too often now though since he’s married and with kids; that tends to do that to ya!

Highlights: Genesis , Noah’s Ark.

Channel Two: 43alley.

Similar to NonStampCollector, Alley takes some Bible stories and animates them, whilst adding in his own viewpoints on them. He used to be a Christian too, so he can also talk from personal experience. I enjoyed hearing his story about leaving religion and think his videos on Hell and Noah’s Ark are really well done.

Highlights: Noah’s Ark is Plagiarized. Here’s how we know…

Realizing Hell Does Not Exist.

How I Gave Up Religion.

Channel Three: Edward Current.

I don’t know how to explain this channel. He pretends to be an obnoxious ignorant Christian, making fun of unbelievers. In reality, he’s being sarcastic and is thus exposing many of the problems with religion; he’s got a quirky sense of humor too. Check his channel out to see what I mean.

Highlights: Any of his videos will do.

Channel Four: darkmatter2525.

This channel is similar to the others, but is still updated on a regular basis. So if you like any of the other three it would make sense to subscribe to this channel. Sorry I haven’t watched many of these videos here but I will still recommend it.


WINLB (Why I no longer believe).

Anthony Toohey grew up as an Evangelical Christian, and ended up leaving it after dedicating 26 years of his life to it. His blog documents in detail his story from becoming a Christian to what lead to him leaving it. Alongside his detailed story, he posted on various topics related to many of the problems with Christianity, whilst occasionally debating with the odd believer. I read this blog while I was still outwardly Christian but agnostic in reality. There are two main reasons why I liked this blog. Firstly, he is honest and really documents his deconversion story well. Secondly, he is an atheist with personal experience being a Christian, so he knows it better than most. There are many atheists out there who bash Christians but I feel don’t really have a good understanding of what Christianity is actually about. His blog motivated me to start my own blog, and document my own deconversion (among other things).

Highlights: If you have the time, read all the posts under the ‘My Story’ drop-down.

Why won’t God heal amputees?

Marshall Brain opens his blog asking the question: ‘Is God real, or is he imaginary?’ In his blog, he then attempts to logically and objectively answer this, by going through various claims in the Bible which should be true. The wide range of topics he covers include miracles, answered prayer, and uncomfortable stories in the Old Testament. There’s a lot to read there, but if you have the time I think it’s well worth reading.

Respectful Atheist.

Similar to me, this person was a closet atheist who used his blog to discuss problems with religion. Sadly, he hasn’t posted here since 2013, so I’m not sure what’s happened to him since.

Highlights: Assessing the Evidence, Burn in Hell!

And a book for honorable mention!

Leaving Your Religion: A Practical Guide To Becoming Non-Religious.

I read this book when I was considering leaving Christianity, but wasn’t sure how I would go about doing it. If you’re in the same boat as I was, it’s worth a read.

– The Covert Atheist.

Cover Image Source: NonStampCollector (Twitter).




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