A Christian book hidden in my stash.

So I haven’t posted on here in a little while, it’s time to change that. In case you’ve wondered where I’ve gone, I went away on holiday to the tropics for a little while. When I came back, my computer decided to not work at all; but that has now been fixed… I think! You never really know with computers…

ANYWAY, before going on holiday I was looking through my boxes for a book to keep me entertained lest I get bored. To my surprise, I came across this mint condition Christian book on ‘marital intimacy’.

Wives there’s something in it for you too!

How did I, an atheist come into possession of this book? Several years ago I went to some Christian conference on ‘relationships’ with my church (I was a Christian back then). As part of the conference fee, you got a bunch of Christian books. I thought I had thrown this out but apparently not. So, for fun I decided I’d do a review on this book and post it on here. I have to actually get through the book though, and whether or not I succeed? We will see. Either way, I will write something about it.

Even when I was a Christian, I thought this Christian conference sucked. It was basically four days of typical church services. While they mentioned ‘relationships’ they spoke solely on relationships within marriage, yet I was single at the time. Funnily enough, they had a seminar for single people to go to. The main topic they covered was ‘the gift of singleness’ lol. The basic message was that God destined some people to be single. How did you know if that was the case? Well, God would put in your heart the desire to be single, as opposed to seeking companionship. So if you didn’t want to be single then it wasn’t God’s plan either. Yeah seemed like a pretty lame message to me. I just thought I’d share that experience since it ties in with this book which I’m going to review.

Anyways I look forward to doing this review and getting back into posting again.

– The Covert Atheist.

11 thoughts on “A Christian book hidden in my stash.

  1. So if I decide to read and comment that’s gods will? And if I don’t read and comment, that’s gods will,too. I have been led to this holy blog by the spirit of god, and you give me nothing. Is that your way of messing with me, or are you just his messenger?

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    1. It is gods will that you visited this holy blog so that you would turn from your evil atheistic ways. The words of this blog are the breath of life, so you will not be reading in vain. Apparently it is gods will that I would seek him and he would not answer. Let his will be done!

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      1. I wasn’t called either, or like the parable of the rich mans supper, I was invited but knew better than to step into a place where the people that knew him refused to go.

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    2. When I was a christian and even now when I’m discussing with people who believe that everything that happens is god will and i ask
      The man that went to a school and killed children was acting according to the will of god?

      They always get uncomfortable

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  2. Since it was a book by C.J., were you at the T4G conference? He was always part of those… Those reformed guys like him and Piper are always writing about sanctified sex.

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    1. Lol nah I wasn’t there, although it seems very similar to the conference I went to. It was called Impact Bible Conference. But yeah everyone there looked up to John Piper, John McArthur and CJ like they were the bees knees or something. John Piper used to always bring up sex somehow into his sermons; like in one sermon it was supposed to be about prayer or something and then he sidetracked onto masturbation. Lol WTF.

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      1. Most of all the sermons I had listened to concerning relationship while I was a christian always came across as the speaker did not just understand, Though most of the speakers were priest ( who swore an oath to celibacy ), i also felt the same way for some of the other speakers


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