My story (about leaving religion).

I used to be Christian, in fact I was brought up in the religion for most of my life. But now, I’m leaving it and consider myself an Atheist.

To read the short version of my story, go here. It neatly summarises everything onto one page.

Of course, life stories are never short. I have since expanded on my story and broken it into different sections. The following pages describe my story in more detail, if you have the time:

Part One: How I became a Christian.

Part Two: Life as a former Christian.

Part Three: The turning point (what got me leaving?).

Later on, I will write about my experiences ‘coming out’ to my Christian friends and family for you all to read. Hopefully they will inspire other closeted atheists to do the same.

Goodbye for now – The Covert Atheist.

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