I am tired of this bigotry!

The other day I went to this hot air balloon festival with a Christian friend. It was reasonably enjoyable, but that’s not what this post is about. I went back to their house for a cup of tea afterwards, having a chat as you do, and the conversation somehow steered towards this transsexual person which they used to live with. For about 20 minutes, they talked about how this person was the worst tenant they ever had. It would be one thing if this person was actually terrible, but my friend couldn’t give any examples of this. Instead they mentioned a whole bunch of things, which shouldn’t concern them, like the following:

  • They liked to do lots of paintings of their boyfriend, and spent lots of money going on a holiday with them.
  • They considered sexual re-assignment surgery (cutting off their penis in this instance).
  • They must be clearly mentally unwell, since they weren’t happy with their ‘God given’ gender.

As you may well notice, none of those things really make someone a bad person to live with. But that seems to be the norm for many Christians, being concerned about other peoples actions which they perceive to be sinful, even though it doesn’t affect them. I found it odd that my friend thought this trans-gender person to be the worst tenant, they actually had bad tenants in the past who willfully damaged their property, and they have quite a nice house too!

What did I do about all this?

It felt really awkward having this conversation, because I obviously didn’t share this persons closed-minded views on trans-gender people. I didn’t really feel like confronting them about it in their own home though, plus they still think I’m a Christian so it would raise awkward questions (I am a closet atheist). So I kinda did what people do when they pretend to listen by saying things like “yeah, hmm OK, I see…”, but I also pointed out this other tenant who I thought was far worse, but they didn’t agree with me on that.

I couldn’t believe myself.

I felt bad after having this conversation with her, and it made me question how I could be friends with such a bigoted person. I used to go to church with them and lived with them several years while I was Christian without issue. It goes to show how much your perception can change when you decide to leave religion. What I don’t understand is why many Christians have such a problem with trans-gender people, I don’t recall the Bible speaking out against it…

I have had enough.

All this reminded me of why I am happy to leave religion and am not compatible with its outdated teachings anymore. It also shows how hard it can be to be a closet atheist sometimes, you can’t speak your mind around a lot of people.

I am tired of people telling me how I should and shouldn’t think.

I’m tired of pretending to care about “issues” that are of no importance.

I’m tired of hearing others be oppressed because of outdated bigoted views.

I’m tired of singing church hymns to an asshole of a God. A God that is only interested in your fictional failures.

I am tired of religion.

8 thoughts on “I am tired of this bigotry!

  1. Wasn’t it nice when you were a believer, and you could excuse real thought and the real you from ever entering the debate. Jk. I kept my mouth shut far too long as well, and that I regret. For so many years the things I said and thought were not the real me. The moment I left faith, my views on literally everything changed.

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  2. I’m with Jim. When I began to have serious doubts I felt like an imposter being a Christian. Later when I was afraid to reveal my rejection of belief I still felt like an imposter. Yes I lost many friends when I came out of the proverbial closet but I have nothing to hide and many new friends. Try, challenging them and of course the conversation will lead to religion and when they are challenged on that the room will get very quiet.

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      1. I would say trend with caution if not unless they are really stupid people they will know that something is wrong. I am also a closet atheist, what I could have said in this instance would be along the line of Jesus gave us a call to love and also told us not to judge and we should show kindness and love to all those around us including this transgender tenant in question. This is obviously not the best I could go if I didn’t really care about keeping the fact that I am an atheist to myself atleast for now, this may not change anything but atleast it wouldn’t arouse any suspicion it would just seem that I take christianity differently than this your friend. If somewhere in the conversation he ask me what are my view on transgender, I would say it isn’t my position to decide thats god’s work not mine. Play safe

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      2. Good answer 🙂 Welcome to the closet atheist club haha. How long have you been atheist for? I am thinking of coming out to my family and friends soon though.


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