My story – The Expanded Version

In My Story,  I talked about the important reasons which got me to consider leaving Christianity. Looking back, I could hardly say it’s a complete story though, so I’m going to expand on it. This revised story will be a bit long to post in one go, so I will break it up into different parts, each part revealing a different aspect of this story. Here are the parts I plan to write (at least at the moment):

Part one: How I became a Christian.

Part two: Life as a Christian.

Part three: The turning point.

Part four: Leaving Christianity and ‘coming out’ as an atheist.

Now if you’ve read a few of my posts already you will know that I am secretly an atheist, this means that I haven’t come out yet, so therefore part four of my story hasn’t fully happened yet! After I have told my friends and family, I’m going to write my experiences about that on here. I have decided to still stay ‘covert’ on this website though (at least for now), because it means I can express myself the way I want without fear of reprisal.

Stay tuned – The Covert Atheist.

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