Why are Christians so nosey about other peoples affairs?

From peoples sex lives to abortion and same-sex marriage, Christians seem to really be bothered by other peoples choices which don’t affect them. Not only that, they feel it’s their duty to preach to you about what they believe in the hope that you will believe it too, and become a Christian. What is the deal with all this?

OK lets start with the preaching part first. These people genuinely believe they’re on a mission to preach the gospel to non-Christians, so that they can be saved from eternal damnation. In fact, Christians are told to preach the gospel to everyone in The Great Commission. God has chosen to not reveal himself to his followers (except for a select few in the Old Testament and the people who met Jesus), yet he wants his followers to tell everyone else about him. For people to be saved, they must accept the gospel message and receive salvation. Sure it’s God who does the whole saving thing, but the pressure is on Christians to tell all the non-Christians about Jesus, lest these people don’t receive the gospel. It’s guilt tripping and pressure tactics at its finest, like the worst version of a multi-level marketing scheme. This is all without going into the fact that God refuses to help those whom don’t accept the gospel message.

So Christians end up becoming a slave to this whole ‘trying to save’ people thing. As an unintentional consequence, they believe they are somehow better than you, because you are broken in some way and they are here to try and fix you. This problem which I will call a ‘religious ego’ isn’t limited to preaching the gospel though, and it occurs within Christianity as well. If we think about it this way, it makes sense why Christians get so bothered about other peoples affairs. If we believe in absolutes and I think I’m better than you, then I have a ‘God given’ right to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, as I am making the world a better place for it. I’m not saying this is all OK by the way, in fact it is quite wrong, but it’s a possible explanation for why Christians act this way.

Who cares about who people choose to have sex with? As long as it’s consensual and they respect each other.

Who cares about who people choose to marry? No one is forcing you to marry someone or taking your choices away. Imagine if straight people weren’t allowed to marry but only gay people were? That would be a pretty messed up human rights issue, right? Well it’s just the same as not allowing same-sex couples to marry.

If someone is considering an abortion, it’s not up to you whether they should or shouldn’t!

For all these reasons above I am relieved and happy to be leaving Christianity, despite its positives. I look forward to the day after I’ve ‘come out’ to my friends so I don’t have to pretend I support any of these things anymore.

My rant is nearly over, but one more thing: church attendance. A couple of my friends were worried about me as I haven’t been going regularly anymore. Christians are regularly expected to attend church. After all, the church is the body of Christ and we must make a habit of meeting together regularly right? But what do we actually DO when in church? We sing a few songs, pray some prayers and listen to someone preach a sermon which may or may not be from The Bible. Sure, as a Christian you could say that you benefit from hearing ‘God’s word’, but the rest of the stuff doesn’t mean much apart from having a family of sorts. Of course now that I’m an unbeliever, church is quite pointless to me. The funny thing is, if I attended church regularly nobody would care about the other details. Whether I actually contributed to the body of Christ, whether I was a ‘good Christian’ the rest of the week. Unbelievable. As a side note, I remember a few of my friends who always went out of their way to attend a church. Like if we went on holiday in a different town, they would find a church on Sunday there to visit.

So there you have it. You can tell some Christians to mind their own business, but they won’t do that as it isn’t compatible with what they believe, unless they left their religion. Rant ooooooooooooover!

Image source: Mr Nosey from http://mrmen.wikia.com

5 thoughts on “Why are Christians so nosey about other peoples affairs?

  1. Yeah I noted a lot of the religious are what I term scolds who think their God will smite everyone. I keep wondering when I’m going to be walking along and be smited but it’s been a half century and nothing yet. 🙂

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  2. I dont like when christians proselytize. Though trying to “save me” seems like the care, if i really believe my non-christian friend ( I used to believe this too ) would spend the rest of eternity burning I think its nice the try to “save me” but forcing your views and believes on others just isn’t right and it wouldn’t work

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    1. Yeah, but if you believe your friend is going to go to Hell and you wanna save them, it’s kinda hard to talk to them without forcing your views and beliefs onto them, and that’s the problem.


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