Blog update and why I haven’t come out yet.

So I haven’t written for a while, the reason being I’ve been fairly busy. When I do finally have time alone, writing in a blog isn’t always the first thing to come to my mind. Having said that, I really enjoy blogging thus far, and I have some time off work now so expect to see a few more posts in the upcoming weeks.

The writing process and feedback.

When I write blog posts, they can be quite ranty at times, but I don’t write them on the fly usually. First I will write in a word document, I will leave it for a while, and then come back to make changes. Later on I will upload the post, but sometimes I just leave them on my computer because I’m not happy with it or whatever. This means that I’ve written a few posts which I haven’t uploaded yet, so stay tuned. Having said all that, if you read my blog, what topics would you like to see me cover in the future? I’m not out of ideas or anything, just curious.

Why am I a closet atheist?

I live in a western country, I won’t be executed for my beliefs, and quite frankly, most people couldn’t care less. Yeah most people. After being in church for a while, all your friends end up being Christian. They are the bread and peanut butter who are there for you and spend life’s up and downs with you. The problem is, when you come out as an atheist, many Christians have this perception that you are a bad rebellious person somehow; they feel like you have betrayed them, when in reality it has almost nothing to do with them. If only you had read your Bible more/seeked God/prayed more; they see it like someone who dropped out of uni after not studying – a failure.

There are real consequences to coming out. Well so what? It’s not like you’re going to be persecuted or die for your beliefs right? Here’s the deal, I am going to come out eventually because I believe in being honest with myself and others, but not just yet. Firstly, it has only been fairly recently that I decided I was atheist – this year to be exact. Secondly, I’m not quite ready to deal with the consequences of coming out yet. I live with a good friend of mine who is Christian and takes his bible pretty seriously. If I tell him now, all of my other church friends will find out and it may make living with him hard, if I tell other friends then he will find out. I actually like the place I’m living in at the moment, but it’s inevitable I will need to move out at some stage. Once I have moved somewhere else, I will be in a better position to deal with the consequences of coming out so I will do it then. At this point, if I lose some friends then those friendships weren’t worth keeping in the first place. I sincerely hope that I will be able to work out my differences with my good Christian friends though, but we will see…

2 thoughts on “Blog update and why I haven’t come out yet.

  1. I feel you here. I just struggled while living near family, but am in a new place where I can be open about my beliefs, and it has been so refreshing not to feel like I am lying all the time. What to do when I return to be around family, of course, is a different thing …
    I am sure that I will read it on here, but I would love to know more about your experience from a narrative perspective; i.e.,, less about WHY you are not religious, and more about how it felt in the moments that slowly led you to the place where you realized that you aren’t, if that makes sense. I am slowly starting up a blog where I am sharing examples of this myself, and would love to share about your experience there one day, if you’re interested.


    1. That’s awesome to hear you are in a new place now, and I hope your family still are happy with you despite your decisions. If you haven’t already, check out my story at . I must admit, it is quite light on certain details though (particularly on the feelings bit).
      That’s a good suggestion you came up with though and I may do that here sometime in the near future. I will let you know when I do and you are welcome to share it on your blog. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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