Four reasons why I don’t believe in the Christian God anymore.

In My Story, I talked about how I went from being a fully fledged Christian to an agnostic – call it a deconversion story if you will. I glossed over some of the reasons why I don’t believe anymore, but now I would like to explain four of these reasons in more detail.

For me, my unbelief didn’t happen all at once, but over a gradual period of time. I studied science and over time developed a critical mind. I began to question everything I had been taught from The Bible. Not only that, but I began to see big discrepancies between God’s supposed perfect love and how he actually acted in The Bible. If you are a religious person reading this, I hope you will be challenged by the content within, and the questions that I propose to you.

Reason One: The Book of Genesis flies in the face of science

According to Genesis, God created the earth and everything in it in seven days, so there was no evolution. Somehow plants are created on the third day, before the sun is created on the fourth day. Also, the moon is counted as a light; I am sure creationists probably had fun coming up with loopholes to explain this away.

Noah’s ark and the worldwide flood flies in the face of science. Given the ever growing number of species (estimated at around 8.7 million +/- 1.3 million), how can two of every animal fit onto the ark, and be kept alive (also avoiding predation)? Not to mention, he would have to find animals such as polar bears and llamas which live on completely different continents and environments. Also, the flood narrative contradict itself. In Genesis 6, God tells Noah to bring two of every ‘kind’ of animal onto the ark, but in Genesis 7, he says seven?

If the entire earth flooded in 40 days, and this only happened a few thousand years ago, wouldn’t there be significant geological evidence for this? Yet there isn’t. Supposedly the flood waters (which covered the highest mountains) receded after 150 days, but where did it all go? It couldn’t have evaporated in that time; all the water in the sea and groundwater can’t account for all this. Personally I think the Great Flood was probably based on a real localised flood, and the story was exaggerated over time to get mythical status. There are texts older than the Book of Genesis which have a very similar flood story, such as in the Epic of Gilgamesh, which the writers of Genesis may have borrowed from.

Reason Two: There is no way the earth is only a few thousand years old

If we take the genealogies in the Bible and the creation story in Genesis literally, the earth was created in seven days, and there was around 4000 to 4500 years from Adam to Jesus, and another approx 2000 years from Jesus to the present day. This would make the earth around 6000 to 6500 years old, much younger than the 4.5 billion years accepted by science. Radiometric dating has shown our earth to be much older than the 6.5 k mark, and the science involved is well established and accurate. These dating methods do have a margin of error, but the error involved is usually very small relative to the estimated age, so a young earth of 6.5 k years should definitely be out of the question!

Furthermore, scientists can use super powerful telescopes to see stars that are millions of light years away. For the uninformed, a light year is the distance light can travel in a year. This means that when we see the light from these stars, we are seeing them as they actually were millions of years ago! Wow. If the whole universe was only a few thousand years old then it wouldn’t be possible for these stars light to reach us.

Reason Three: Whatever happened to miracles and demonic possession?

In the bible there are many accounts where people are miraculously and instantly healed of some disease. Yet we don’t see credible instances of this happening today. OK, people claim that miracles happen all the time at church meetings, but these are usually never followed up on, and why doesn’t God heal amputees?, or people with aids? Some of the people at my old church believe that miracles were only for Jesus’s disciples and apostles at the time, to advance the ministry of Jesus and the gospel. But nowhere does The Bible suggest that miracles were only limited to apostles or that God wouldn’t do further miracles in the future. As for demonic possession, since advances in medical knowledge and mental health, we just so happen to have less instances of it occurring.

Reason Four: The Problem with Hell

Why would an all loving God send people to Hell for eternity? There is nothing even remotely just about this. The thing is, Christianity doesn’t teach that bad people such as Hitler go to Hell; anyone who doesn’t believe in Jesus and accept him as their personal lord and savior will, because everyone is bad and has sinned at least once. What kind of asshole God would demand people worship him, and severely punish them for eternity if they choose not to, or if they don’t believe in him? If God is happy with his creation, why not be happy if they choose to do their own thing, as long as it isn’t destructive? Choice is an illusion if you will suffer for eternity by not believing in God. It also doesn’t make a lot of sense that the whole world fell under ‘sin’ because Adam and Eve ate from a tree that God told them not to… Anyways, I believe Hell was probably a more recent invention, as the Old Testament doesn’t explicitly mention it, and Jewish belief doesn’t have the concept of a Hell.

So there you have it – four reasons I dropped my Christianity card and signed an evil pact with The Devil to be an agnostic atheist.

25 thoughts on “Four reasons why I don’t believe in the Christian God anymore.

  1. Man, I will pray for you, you have either not read the Bible or you just are comprehensively challenged. Do yourself a favor send me an email and let me help you through this. Sure, you have the option of still not believing but remember this, if I’m wrong you are non the worse for your belief, if you are wrong….well enough said. Thanks doug and God’s Blessings on your decisions.


    1. It’s quite amazing just to consider that one of your ancient ancestors might well have had a pet Tyrannosaurus Rex – herbivorous, of course, and without the blemish of sin to stain its pearly whites.. And what about a tame Triceratops to pull the wagon to market or to take the incestuous kids to visit the Mother in Law?
      Ah …. the good ole days, yes?

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    2. Damn I forgot about this comment. Actually I have read the Bible, all of it. I wouldn’t call myself a scholar but I don’t have to be to highlight several problems that it has.

      As for me being wrong about God, aha you’re invoking Pascal’s Wager here, I’ve written on that too for you to enjoy:

      In answer to your request: no thank you, not the least because your ‘favour’ reeks of self pride. You wouldn’t be helping anyone and it also pays to not ‘talk down’ to a person you supposedly wanna help.


      1. The dinosaur issue is always the foremost nail in the proverbial YEC coffin for me.
        The ACE organisation have actual school books with at least one picture of a dinosaur-drawn cart.

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      2. I don’t know where to start with Young Earth Creationists. Basically none of their claims can be scientifically backed up. For me, the fact that we can see light from stars originating millions of years away in itself refutes a young earth, but I’m sure they will come up with cop outs for that.

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      3. Lol this reminds me of a book I read once when I was still Christian. They tried to answer the question as to why stars emit light billions of light years away, basically saying that God created their stars in their current positions including the light emitted from them. I was not impressed.


      4. One can compare the entire nonsense to a fantasy novel.
        If you have ever read Terry Pratchett you will get the gist immediately.
        On the Discworld there is magic and it is recognised and accepted, but in most cases it does not interfere with day to day life, and the Wizards practice magic by mostly NOT practicing magic.
        One could compare the belief in Creationism and especially YEC in a similar vein.
        To the Creationist, all the ”magic” is in the hands of God(sic) and mostly happened a long time ago, way back there …. in the past. It is history. And the past is always a good place for history and especially magic! Or, in this case Miracles.
        So when one of these nutters tells us …. ”It was man’s Sin” – with a capital S – that caused dinosaurs to develop sharp pointy teeth then according to the Laws of Magic it simply must be true . And the introduction of the element of Magic – that elusive untestable Word of God(sic) means you are basically screwed out of presenting any sort of argument to challenge it.

        ”Now, where are all those impressionable malleable kiddies?”


      5. Ah I see. That is so true. Many Christians believed miraculous events in the Bible and during creation but they don’t have an explanation as to why they don’t occur now.


  2. miracles is for those persons who are sincere, submissive to GOD and not to those who are atheistic and demonic who has the tendency to misuse such miracle.


    1. Actually if you believe in the Bible, it never said people had to submit to God for miracles to occur.
      Without being rude, I must ask you, why are you reading posts like this, if you are clearly religious of sorts?


  3. Dear friend: I just answered to your conception of miracle. You said that if there is GOD why there is no miracles going on now. actually our GOD wants only love from u and not to show his powers. Showing miracles is to give faith to those innocent people that he will take care and protect them from fearful situation.


  4. moreover, there are some people who asks evidence about GOD so, inorder to satisfy their doubts GOD also exhibits some powers which a ordinary person like us cannot show.


    1. So did God specifically tell you he doesn’t want to do miracles? because no where in the Bible or anywhere else is that said. Either the Bible is full of it, or God is confusing everyone.

      OK here’s the thing, you can try and mansplain your religion to me all you want, but I’ve heard it all before, the same things over and over again from different Christians. The same thing applies to other atheist blogs which I follow. Do you really think that we just happened to miss something or not understand it? Many of us have been in Christianity for most of our lives, have asked God to help us with our doubts, and done the best we could to live the Christian life. All we have received was silence from God, why is that? We have also found Christianity left wanting, for lack of a better phrase – it doesn’t add up. Just keep that in mind when visiting my blog (and others like it).


  5. Dear friend, it is not that GOD has to spoon feed everytime. It is by the activities of GOD in bonafied scriptures one has to appreciate things as they are. God’s inconceivable activities and is instructions can only be understood by a qualified recipient if the recipient is sinful or unqualified he cannot appreciate all these thing, simply he is expert in criticizing the activities of God and bonafied scriptures. Moreover God is not your order supplier to fulfill all your desires. He knows what to give and what not to give. Just like a father knows what to give his child which is good for him.


    1. OK so God isn’t meant to spoon feed us, but he will happily ignore people who WANT to follow him. You don’t see a problem with that? Bear in mind that we are talking about a loving, omnipotent God – there is no excuse for him to not direct his stray sheep onto the right path if they want to find him. Instead, they go to Hell because they end up not believing in him. Not that it’s their fault, having not been given any evidence at all…


  6. Dear friend can you answer to this question.
    Why government has installed prison in its country? Why government is punishing those people who violated state laws? Sometimes death penalty and regressive punishment is given to those people who are law violators and agressors. Can we say that government is mercyless?


    1. Ah justice, this is where we are going now? Prison may or may not be just for a criminal. Causing someone to suffer infinitely in Hell for a minor transgression isn’t just in any sense of the word.


  7. how do you know what is minor and what is major transgression. anybody who do not follow the commandments of GOD are criminals and they are liable to be punished. so minor or major that depends upon his gravity of offences in his previous life.


    1. Well the Bible calls all transgressions ‘sin’. If you aren’t saved by his ‘grace’ then you go to Hell for eternity. Imagine if I burnt my partner in a furnace for not ‘believing in me’ or submitting to me. Oh but I love them so much, so it’s fine! God shouldn’t get a free pass for doing deplorable actions either.

      While I appreciate you coming to visit this blog, I have the impression you’re trying to convince me to change my mind about Christianity. It’s not going to happen and you’re wasting your time.


  8. Who is going to change you friend? Change is not from outside it should happen inside. Transformation should happen within yourself by purification of the heart. Ten commandments is an universal instruction given by GOD. It does not matter hindu, muslim or Christian. Moreover this word christianity itself is not mentioned in the Bible. I am helping you to understand what is real Bible

    Bible says if you follow the covenants and commandments of GOD you will go to heaven if you do not follow or abide by the instructions of GOD you will go to hell. So, there are three places heaven, earth and hell. Bible gives emphasis for hell because you people are so sinful that unless it is stressed so as to create fear in the mind of wrong doer people will not abstain from sinful activities. Just like governments warns the people “trespassers shall be prosecuted”. Sinful activities means more suffering than hell. So GOD is so merciful that he dosen’t want you to suffer badly in this world and in your next life also.


    1. OK it it seems like you’re not taking what I’ve said on board, and my patience is running out. Firstly, stop calling me ‘friend’ or ‘brother’. I don’t know you, and you came here of your own accord. Secondly, stop trying to preach to me your beliefs, or I’ll have you blocked. You can believe what you want, but understand that to many others (including myself), it’s horseshit. Have a nice day.


  9. That’s not the proper response from you. the problem is you cannot accept the bitter truth and sound logic. You choose to remain as atheist and you cannot answer my questions. Therefore you give a picture of illogical argument. If you are not convenient with me then I am ready to debate on science.

    you asked me why GOD is not responding inspite of my desire to serve him. do you know what do you mean by serving?. Serving means following the commandments of GOD sincerely. It seems that you are not following the commandments so GOD is not responding to those people.

    The commandments are:
    1. No meat eating, one should not bear false witness [no lies], no adultery [illicit sex], no intoxication [smoking, drinking and other drugs], no gambling
    2. One should be generous, one should only collect more than what is required for his existence, one should not give pain to any living entities by mind, body and words. One should respect everybody irrespective of nationality, caste, colour and gender. One should obey the bonafied scriptures and act accordingly, one should be submissive and serve the spiritual masters with respect and love, one should control his senses and do hosterities to control his mind, one should love every living entity including animals, one should respect elders.
    So, these are the minimal requirements to come to the platform of human beings. At the present moment one who does not follow the commandments are simply animals. How do you expect GOD to speak with such animals? Even if he speaks or responds will they can understand what HE is saying?

    Now, I don’t want you to continue with you because there is not point in wasting my energy to insincere people like you. Anyway you are not going to accept the the truth and reality and you will defend your atheistic ideas. I already asked that you cannot ignore the truth of supreme controller. If you cannot accept such a truth then I pity for your ignorance and you cannot blame GOD for your ignorance.

    Good bye

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