I am The Covert Atheist, welcome to my blog!

After spending most of my life immersed in the world of Christianity, I came to the conclusion, like many others before me, that the God I believed in and followed wasn’t real. I tried to rationalise my doubts, but after a while I was only lying to myself and others. Right now I would consider myself a closeted atheist. I have only just abandoned my beliefs, and only a few friends and some family know. One day I will tell them all, but right now, I need to come to terms with what I believe so I can have a semi-decent explanation for it.

Anyways, this blog will be about me and my journey away from Christianity! I will cover Christian and atheist related topics. If you’re a Christian and come across this blog, I hope you will be challenged by the content within! I do not wish to convert anyone (honest). If you’re happy with your religion then that’s fine, but if not, this blog may be for you. If you’re formerly religious then you may be interested in this blog too, we both share a (somewhat) common interest.

If you’re new here, start with My Story. It explains how I went from being a full on Christian to the agnostic atheist that I am now. Also check out four compelling reasons why I no longer believe. Following that, you will find all my other blog posts on the home page.

Anywho, goodbye for now – The Covert Atheist.

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